Does Anyone Have Good Outcomes On Echogenic Foci

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kathykitt - December 21

Hi everyone: Im new to this forum and am hoping that your experiences and personal stories could give me some hope and support through this scary time in my pregnancy. First of all, Im 37 , and am 20 weeks pregnant. I have had the tran nuch scan and it came out normal, I had the blood work done and have a 1/10000 risk for trisomoy 18 and a 1/2800 risk for trisomy 21. All my ultrasounds have been great. The baby is very active, and measuring exactly to date. I recently went for the level II scan and they said I was having a girl, and that every organ looked normal, structures looked normal, but they did find two small spots on both ventricles of the heart. They said it was echogenic foci. They said if I was 25 they would not have to tell me, however because Im 37 they needed to explain the increased risk, and suggested I have an amnio. Well as you all might know, my heart sank. Im feeling overwhelmed and so scared. It took me 3 years to have a viable pregnancy again, This is my second child (god willing) I have a 4 year old beautiful and healthy daughter. All I want more than anything is to have one more healthy child to love, and care for. I am so upset and worried. I thought everything was going so well. The doctors made me think that from the first set of test results everything was great, and my odds were in my favor. I opted out of the amnio at 16 weeks because of the results. Now I have to decide what to do? I look at the ultrasound pics of my daughter and see that her fingers are perfect, nasal bone present, limbs fine, I am really losing it! Shouldnt other structural markers show up? the nuch test show something wrong? blood work show something wrong? Please I need your help! The specialist said that gut feeling..he thinks the baby is fine, but an amnio is the only difinitive answer


myamazinggrace - December 29

I am also 37, and they found the same white spot in the heart with my baby girl. I was terrified for my baby. The ultra sound soc said that she was obligated to tell me about it. I opted out of the amnio. Other than that there were no early signs of DS. Later, when she was smaller than most babies, and was breech, they told me the odds were 1 in 75 that she had downs. I think the odds normally are something like 1 in 3500. Long story short - She is a perfectly healthy 3 month old baby girl now. :) I named her Grace. I won't tell you it was easy - The wondering and he worrying - But I can tell you that the odds are your baby is healthy. One Doctor told me that she would NOT have told me about the spot, since it is such a soft marker, and really means nothing with other signs. Another suggested that they probably just see these spots more now than before, with the advances in ultrasound technology. I can totally relate to what you are going through - It is very scary. But again, the odds are on your side. Keep that in mind, and try to keep a positive att_tude. My best to you and your baby :)


Addy - January 8

kathykitt and amazing grace, there are a ton more success stories at the post by patty which started back in 2005 - MUST read! I am also in the same situation...all tests have been normal, ultrasound shows all normal functioning and size, however, the spot on the heart(: I am 32 yo and will deliver end of March. I pray I will be able to add my success story here with the others to hopefully comfort those faced with this. I have spent endless nights on the internet reading as much as possible and I think we are all ok, honestly - they seem to be so common now with new technology (just when i thought i was lucky my office has a 3-D machine!). Make sure you check out the other forum - it helps!


lovemy3 - January 8

hi there, I'm not sure of our outcome yet...c-section end of jan, but I do know how you dfeel. My blood came back at 1/46 for ds. I am 38 yrs old. we didn't do amnio, all scans look good but scans are not a tool for ds, just amnio, so we are waiting to see. Good luck.


AbbiandEmmasmom - April 6

I am 36 and my us also showed an echogenic foci on the left ventricle. Everything else looks good. I have read alot of positive stories, but I am still very nervous. I would really love to know how each of your babies are. Thanks alot!


lovemy3 - April 7

hi there, i posted nback in jan (2 posts above). My baby girl was born jan 31st, perfectly healthy. No DS or heart issues. xo



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