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dogmom - January 6

Hello everyone, I am expecting my first child any day now and surprised how much I have changed during this pregnancy. Knowing that labor is right around the corner, I am starting to feel as if I don't want anyone around except for my husband. My mother asked me the other day if I wanted her there and I told her "yes after the baby is born." I don't want my family or friends lurking around my room or the waiting room while I am in labor. I feel this is a special moment between me and my husband and I want privacy. I know my family and friends are all excited for us, but I want to be left alone when I am at my worst. I have not really told my family not to come to the hospital when I am in labor, would it be terrible of me to let them know what my wishes really are?


Kristin72 - January 6

I completely understand your position on this. I like you wanted to birth without lurkers. Unfortunately I did not get my wish. My dh comes from a European background and everybody and there sister was in my room moments after giving birth including a foreign exchange student staying with the MIL. There was atleast 10 people in my room at one point. My husband did not support me on this so if you have the support of your dh then get him to play interference and explain to his family and yours after delivery that your wish is to have your privacy. You are right this is a special moment for you and your husband and you will be at your worst moment. Some people on the otherhand want alot of people around..but I am not that type. After 5 losses, 4 D&C's, retained placenta after giving birth and a 22 hour labour and 3 hours of hard pushing and a epidural that had warn off as well as having to be re-st_tched cause they screwed up the first time.There is no telling the complications you could run into. Even at best if everything goes smoothly it is such a special time that people are going have to respect your privacy if that is what you wish. That said..I wish you a happy and healthy delivery. All the best to you again. BTW I just found out I am preggers again after 3 losses. I have a long road ahead of me. I am 16 dpo's. Kristin


Krissy68 - January 6

dogmom - I understand totally and like Kristin72 said have your dh run interference or just tell your family that you would like to be along until have you have had the baby and bonded with the baby and get cleaned up then either you or your dh would start making the calls I am sure they will understand if not then oh well. Are you all ready for the baby to come you will do find make sure your dh takes lots of pictures this is a very special moment for the both of you. Take care Kristin72 - Not sure if I told you or not but Congratulation I am so happy for you and I am keeping you in my thoughts and prayers try and stay positive and everything will be okay. Did you do anything different or what did you do this cycle? I am currently on cd 9 and from sunday-today it was dry cm but this afternoon it is starting to get slippery what does this means if you know. I am going to to start using the opk test tomorrow should I also use robintussin and if so how much and how many times a day should I use it? Take care when are you going to the doctor and are you doing blood work? Krissy68



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