Don T Let Anyone Make You Feel Too Old

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GF - June 1

To all the ladies here in their mid thirties trying to get pregnant don't listen to anyone who says negative things you are certainly not too old in fact you are a good age to become a mother! Feel proud of your bump, wear it with pride and enjoy every minute of your pregnancy! If you're nearly 40 - same applies! You will not make any less good a mum just because you are a little older than some women when they have kids. YAY!


Kelly - June 1

I agree!! I have 3 children now, 12, 7 & 2. I am pregnant and am just waiting for some of those remarks because I am 38. When my husband told his ex-wife she made the comment about me being too old. I was so mad but I'm not going to let those remarks bother me. I love being a mom and age is just a number anyway!!!


Donna - June 1

I have 5 children and thought we where finished! I am 41 and my eldest is 23! Our youngest is two and I am a little worried about telling people.


Dr. Dan - June 5

The downside is decreased engery though and the kids will need $$ for college at the same time you want to retire.


L - June 6

"Dr Dan" Here in the UK retirement is usually at 65. If a woman has a baby at 35 the kid would have to be 30 before they went to college if it was to interfere with retirement plans LOL!!!! Even a child at 40 to interfere with retirement they would have to be 25 when they left schoold and went to college! Also most kids nowadays get jobs/student grants/loans to support themselves through college. Most parents I know couldn't afford to fut the whole bill for their child without them contributing. Also where is your medical evidence that a 35-40 year old woman has a significant enough "loss of energy" that would make her less capable of being a mother than, say a 25 year old? My mother was in her late 30's when she had me and trust me she had heaps of energy and was/is a fantastic mother! Wow your post has given me a giggle thanks for that!


DM - June 16

On my first appt. with OB...the very young lab tech made it a point to make rude comments on having children in her 40's....she made the statement that she plans to be a G'mother in her 40's, and hopefully a GG'mother in her 60's....I made it a point to say this...Want to make God laugh??? Tell him "your" plans...Ladies...God always has a greater plan for all of us than we ourselves have and children are HIS delight. Don't believe it? Read Psalms 127. Makes me smile everytime! Keep your chin(s) up (no pun intended). I've seen amazing things as a delivery nurse. Enjoy your pregnancies and your families...they are some of God's greatest blessings!



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