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annabanana - May 18

I went to docter today and he said it was too early to find heartbeat. I told him i went last week and my other docter found it. Well he couldnt after trying for 2 minutes but heard blood flowing through placenta. so i am freaking out now. how long does it take to find heart beat. He told me last time it wasnt heart beat the docter heard but blood flowing. i am confused


ThePezChick - May 18

They heard my baby's heartbeat at 8 weeks for sure. At 5 weeks he was just an egg and egg sack. Don't know if that helps any. Just so you know, you can rent a doppler from I'm renting one and love it!


annabanana - May 18

the pez chick how long does it take you to find doppler


Kristin72 - May 18

How far along are you annabanana? Yes, it can be very diffucult to find the babies heartbeat via the doppler..But if the doctor is patient and allows you move on your side or couph etc.. you should be able to find the baby very close to your pelvis and to the right..atleast that is where my little one is. With my last pregnancy it took my doctor around 5 minutes and then finally the little bean was hidden very close to the pubic region but on the left side. Yes there is a sound of bloodflow that can be confused for the heartbeat..also sometimes you pick up your own heartbeat. Last time I was in to see my OB I had told him my GP heard the heartbeat at 9 weeks..he told me he does not even attempt this until after 12 weeks..I found that odd. As you may be aware I rented my own doppler from has great instructions and I can now find the heartbeat daily if I chose..I received the device within 24 hours..the heartbeat sounds very quick like a horse galloping. Don't worry anna..I'm sure things are just fine..but I do recommend renting your own doppler can be fun and it alleviates alot of worry. Best of luck to you!! Kristin


Perl - May 19

Anna: my Dr. found my baby's heartbeat at 11 weeks but it took her a few minutes and before she even tried it she told me that she might not be able to find a heartbeat because normally she does not check until 12 weeks or later. With some women a Dr. may not hear a heartbeat until 14 weeks or later if the uterus is tipped way back. You would definitely know if you heard a heartbeat last week instead of blood flowing, they do not sound the same, yes they have the same rhythm but not the same sound and intensity. Blood flow sounds like wind b__wing or waves of an ocean (almost) and a heartbeat sounds like any heartbeat you can hear if you put your ear to someone's chest only much, much faster like fast, strong thumping or clip-clopping. What did you hear? Either the 1st or the 2nd Dr. lied to you or one of them is incompetent--I'd find out which one and avoid that Dr. in the future.


ssf70 - May 19

If they can't find it by doppler, they can always do a v____al ultrasound. That is what my doctor did the first time around. At 13 weeks, she found it with the doppler. If you are concerned, I would tell the doctor that you want a v____al ultrasound to put your mind at ease. Otherwise, you will be worried and upset until your next visit. No need in that when they can check it another way. Good luck!


ThePezChick - May 19

He's usually on my lower left side. Since I know that and because I listen to his heartbeat every day I can find it pretty easily, although I do have to search for the heartbeat at times. I also find it and then lose it frequently. Maybe he's moving around a lot? Let us know what you find out. Sending good vibes your way!


annabanana - May 19

thanks everyone i went to my first docter who found the heart beat the first time and she found it again thanksssssssssss i am not sure about getting the doppler but i will consider it



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