Down Syndrome Test

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Rita - July 5

Hello girls! I am 37 years old with 23 weeks. Still worry about Down syndrome. I have my NT test and blood test at 12-th week and it was normal. I've decided not to have amnio because my risk is 1:1600 as my genetic doctor said. Also my Second Level Ultrasound was normal too. No markers at all. Also I could not do amnio because I have multiple fibroids that increasing my risk m/s during the procedure. But I am still worry. My question is anyone know case when a woman had no markers and ended having a baby with DS or other genetic problems? Should I worry about this? I am trying not to think about this and sometimes I am fine, but sometimes I am still scared about this and so depressed. Thanks for your opinion


m - July 8

if your level ii showed no signs and your other blood test was ok, well, I tend to think your baby is fine. One maternal fetal doctor I saw was very gentle and seemed very fair, he said most all pregnancies are normal, all around the world. He said most problems are more likely to occur in late age pregnancies say late 40's and early 50's. He thought that pregnancies in their 30's being risky is way too hyped up.


tina - July 12

rita, i'm the same age and didn't have the amnio done. however, i had two anatomical ultrasounds done and the triple screen done. my doctor says that there are no markers for downs and the chance the baby has downs is 1:700. why is your risk 1:1600 and mine is different. is it because you took the NT test?


Rita - July 14

Tina, I did not do AFP test because of high % of false positive. I was affraid of having false positive and in the case I 'd had to do amnio. I read so many messages about and decided not to do it. So 1:11600 it risk based on PAPP, NT and my age together. I don't know , probably if I take AFP it would be different. My genetic doctor said PAPP and NT test much better test for DS than AFP. Just don't worry, I hope our babies are fine.



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