Down Syndrome Test Results

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Anna Marie - August 27

I rescently had a ultrasound and blood test to screen for down syndrome and neural tube defects. I am 36 and concieved with Folistim and IUI after three years of trying. My results came back with a 1% chance of having a baby with down syndrome. The Dr. told me this was slightly high. From what I understand, they tests are just to screen for possible factors. When he did the ultrasound and measured the fluid at the back of the neck, and the other measurements they take, he said it all looked normal. So I was a little suprised that it came back back as a slightly high risk. I wouldn't terminate for any reason, so I have refused the amnio, or the CVS because to me its just not worth the added risk of miscarriage. After trying for as many years as we have I won't do anything to risk my little one. Has anyone else recieve high risks results with thier screening? A small part of me is slightly worried, but I am trying to let it go and just relax. 1% doesnt seem like alot to me, is it to anyone else?


countrymom - August 27

I will be 42 when I deliver and also had a 1% chance. Even if your other results from the blood test and NT came back ok, your age is a heavier determining factor and is therefore weighted more heavily in their formula. I was worried about it too but in future u/s they found no evidence of DS. You will have a very detailed u/s at 20 weeks. If they see no evidence of DS then they will halve your results. So if you had a 1 in 100 risk it will then be 1 in 200. I am 28 weeks.


kazforrest - August 27

I am just about to have my tests so dont know yet but i have a friend who after the NT test she came back as 1:16 but after the CVS it came back pretty much clear, she is 36. I am 37 so very nervous about mine next week.


wantanotheraftertr - August 28

I had my quad screen come back 1:41 that I would have a downs baby at the u/s everything measured perfect. Like you they said amnio. I also refused I would love this little boy no matter what. I have taken comfort in the fact that there is not even 1 soft marker. I am not concerned at all. I decided to just enjoy this pregnancy and I believe there would be some soft markers if there was something wrong. I think they just like doing amnios. I am now 24 weeks and had my u/s at 19 weeks. enjoy your pregnancy!


Val - August 28

Anna Marie - our NT scan/bloodwork came back with a 1:54 chance of DS (I think that's nearly 2%). After determining that the risk from m/c due to amnio (less than half a percent) was lower than the risk of DS), we did do an amnio and the results came back fine. We now have a healthy 3 month old... best of luck to you!


K - August 28

1% is not high. That means a 99% chance there is no DS. My doctor told me for anyone age 35 on up, the blood tests will always show an increased chance because they consider age as a factor. She said she has people in that age range have healthy babies all the time and the blood test results do nothing but cause unnecessary worry. She recommended that I not do the blood tests, amnio or CVS, but just have a Level II ultrasound instead. If anything showed up there, we could consider an amnio (which I wouldn't have done). The Level II was fine and I had a perfectly healthy baby born a few weeks after I turned 39 years old. I wouldn't worry about the blood test result if I was you.


Anna Marie - August 28

Thank you all for your responses! It really does help to hear these things. This is my first child so its all new to me me. It seems everything you read today about pregnancy over 35 is doom and gloom....high risk this, increased risk that. My husband finds it amusing that I could run a financial call center with 48 employees, but now I get stressed when I have to go to a baby Dr. visit. Its funny how having a baby changes your perspective on things. Again...THANKS so much for sharing!


sews4love - September 11

I am 39 turning 40 and pregnant. My nt and bloodwork came back wonderful, but a few weeks later had the afp test done, which said i was at an increased risk of having a child with downs syn drome. Has anyone had conflicting results like this??? I have a healthy 21 month old.


kazforrest - September 12

I had my combined test today and my Nuchal test was 1.3 and Nasal Bone 3mm but as it only one of the tests he wouldnt tell me the results till he had them all in which takes three days. How you waited three weeks. Does anyone know what these mean?


Anna Marie - September 12

I never got my actual measurments during the tests. He just said the fetus looked normal, then they took blood for the other half of the test . It took them over a week to get my results back to me. I have a feeling the second set of tests will take even longer to get back because this set the blood test and the sono are so far apart. I have the blood draw on the Sept. 19, and the second sono on Oct. 23rd. But I have totally stopped worrying. My OB/GYN says everything is looking great, the babies heart beat is strong. and the original 1% they told me was nothing to worry about . She had to remind me several times these tests are just to determine factors that may indicate a higher chance. They dont diagnos either downs or Trisomy. By the way its so good to see some women in thier late 30's and early 40's having babies. I sometimes feel I am the only on over 35 here in Dallas having kids. I look around it it seems like every mommy I know is in thier 20's.


kazforrest - September 18

I have had all my results back now NT with bloods etc and i have been told i am now 1:3700 i started at 1:250 for my age. I know this is quite good but dont know whether to no have the CVS test which will give me a 100% a__surances but has risk of miscarriage. im still worried.


Anna Marie - September 18

Kaz before you make your decision to do the CVS think about what you would do in both situations. Would you terminate? If you would'nt terminate, is it worth the risk of the miscarriage to find out. You percentage risk of miscarrigae due to a CVS is now higher then your actual risk of downs. 1 in 3700 is great. I now know women who have had normal kids with a 1 in 56 chance.


lovemy3 - October 13

Hi there. I am 38 yrs old and pregnant with my 4th child. The drs office called me on Sept 18 and said that my result from bloodwork was 1/22 for DS. I went in for my appt and noticed on my chart that my weight was 80 lbs to light, so the lab recalculated the data and then said 1/46, with that I have had 2 scans done by a Fetal Medicine dr and he has NOT seen any markers at all, with that my score going to 1/70. I am 22 weeks along. we decided not to do the amnio and are waiting it out. It is consuming my thoughts and I am so worried and scared. At first I thought that with NO markers at all, things would be just fine, but 3 fetal medicine drs at a high risk clinic have know all told me that still 50% of babies with at risk blood scores and NO markers still have ds. they just aren't picked up on scans. The nasal bone, heart, (fetal echo) head, etc look fine so far. I just can't shake the worry. I already go to this high risk clinic as I have a history of preeclampsia and have needed to have all my babies there, so this is with a dr I have had 3 times prior. How are you ladies coping? he also told me that the old MSS screening had many more false positives and the new IPS..Intergrated prenatal Screen that does blood at 11 weeks then 16-20 is more accurate, only 1.75% false postives. I'm so upset.


lovemy3 - October 13



LaurenMerf - October 17

Lovemy3- I think what would calm your fears is to look at some websites about families who have children with Down Syndrome. It's not a death sentence. I am 37yrs old & 14 weeks. My husabnd is 46. We had the NT scan and it was 2.8, then we had the blood work done and my PAPP-A was .57, normal is 1.0. That put our odds at 1:30 of having a child with DS. Of course I was hysterical for about 30 minutes, but my husband, the logical one, said to me - If the weather man told you there was a 3% chance of rain, you would not expect rain, would you? He's right. We are not going to have an Amnio b/c any risk of a m/c is just not acceptable for us. We also have a tremendous faith in God. If this is his plan, for us to have a special needs child, then there must be a reason. So we are ready to accept whatever happens. And reading what other families have said about their DS children, has really helped me accept all possiblities. I hope that helps you.


lovemy3 - October 17

Hi lauren..Thank you for your encouragement. My PAPPA was .7, high too, my E3 was low and my HCG high. I am feeling much better over the last few days. Is this your first child? Sounds like you also had an IPS test done. Are you Canadian? I am from Ontario. Anyhow, I'm glad you are doing well. I am currently doing a beth Moore bible Study ...Believing God and I am finding its helping me hold on to my faith. Thanks so much.


LaurenMerf - October 17

lovemy3- This will be our second child, we have a little girl - 3 1/2 yrs old, Samantha. We didn't have any testing done with her, and I almost wish we didn't this time. We were just sent to the Genetic specialist for the 12 week ultrasound and they told us that the NT put us at a 1/87 risk, then after the blood work, they upped it to 1/30. We are going to do the triple screen and another ultra sound at 18 weeks, and then that's it. I'm more curious then worried. At this point, I just want to know: boy or girl!?! We live in Oregon. I've been listening to a James McDonald series called Pour it on Me - about the Holy Spirit. It's really been helpful - letting me know that I REALLY am not alone with this. I'll let you know how my other tests turn out. God bless.



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