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ninako - February 3

Hi. I''m going to be 37 in August. I had my fist child at 30-halthy girl. When I was 36 I was pregnant and had a miscarriage at 23 wks. My doctor told me that my baby boy had a trisomy-21 or DS. My heart has been borken. We plan to have a new one but deeply I'm so scared. My little brother is also DS cos my mom had him when she was 42 but she had me and another sister when she was 35 and 37. I know how hard to cope with a DS person. My mom spent lots of time for my brother cos he's not so healthy. My doctor said I 'd need a CVS at 10-12 weeks cos in my case the chance to have another DS baby is 1%. I'm freaking out. Has anyone had a CVS before? I'll be heart broken again if there is anything wrong with my baby. Any suggestion please?


deepwater - February 4

hi i had a cvs at 11 weeks as i was told i had a 1-38 chance of having a baby with ds.. totally stressed i needed to know what the outcome.. all results came back fine... have the cvs and then you will know one way or another. good luck ps the test sounds really scary but its not that bad and its over before you know it ...


karyn - February 5

ninako- Don't worry, I've had two CVS procedures and they were no problem. It really doesn't hurt and you'll know within a few days if everything is ok. My first pregnancy came back positive for trisomy 13. It was heartbreaking but I have to tell you it was so much better finding that out early in my pregnancy. Our second pregnacy was perfect and knowing that up front made the rest of the nine months very enjoyable and stress free.


rliu - February 5

i am of the opinion that if you can do it, all of this prescreening not only brings a piece of mind but it helps in making a decision for you as to how you want to deal with bringing a child into this world with or without a disease. we, as a modern culture, are made available many tools that we can use to educate ourselves so that we can determine the health of our children even as they are the womb. many women before us did not have this opportunity. not only did i have prescreening done before i got pregnant for known hereditary diseases that run in my family but i, too, had a cvs done a few weeks back. i was able to determine that my child did not have ds, along with a few other chromosomal diseases. the procedure itself is a little uncomfortable but in the end i have my sanity in knowing that my child is healthy. as others have said, it's worth the few minutes of discomfort and in the end, you can breathe easy for the remainder of your pregnancy. best of luck to you.


ninako - February 7

Thanks all for your sharing. It helps a lot. Ninako



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