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mdbolduc - May 4

Anyone else out there due on New Years Eve too?


Perl - May 4

No I'm actually due in November but I just wanted to say how fun and awesome to have that as your due date!! Congratulations I'm sure you'll find some other New Years Eve mommies out here soon.


mdbolduc - May 5

Thanks. It would be nice to have one come on their due date for once. My other 3 were early.


jumar - May 16

Not New Years Eve, but New Years Day...if the calculator was correct, that is. :)


kellyanne_2006 - May 16

i know this sounds horrible but please dont judge me. Here goes i broke up with my boyfriend a few weeks ago and i had s_x with my ex on the 28th April 2006 and then got bk with my boyfirend the day after ( we sorted out or differences and we still love each other very much) so we had make-up s_x on the 29th and then on the 1st May 2nd 3rd and the 5th i know i ovulated on the 5th and i was wondering if it is possilble that the babys father is my ex's could his sperm be still alvive if i ovulated a week after we had s_x its just that i am going crazy @ the moment i have got implantation bleeding and i think im pregnant we i need some advice on what to do whats your opinion. i think like ending it all cos i am so depressed i really want this baby to be my boyfriends and i know there is a bigger chance it is his but i will always question it .


melissa- - May 16

I'm due on a different "eve" -- Christmas Eve. :-) Maybe you'll have the "New Year's Baby" that gets on local news!


mdbolduc - May 19

melissa...though that would sound cool for most, I'd be too embara__sed! All my babies have been early, so we'll see if we make it to New Years Eve. Poor kid growing up with that being their birthday! kellyanne_2006...I sure do feel for you and the answer to your question is yes you can get pregnant fron s_x 5 days before and after you ovulate, from what I've read. Good news is ultra sounds nowadays can tell the age of the fetus from conception which may help you, but they don't usually do those until your 9th week. Good luck and don't stress.


mdbolduc - May 19

Plus...anyone else look further along...I look like I did at 4-5 months instead of only 8 weeks. Hmmm....



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