Due In Feb W 1 Anyone Else Also W 1 And Close Due Date

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Ann1 - July 11

Hello everyone. I am happy to make the move from Problems Getting Pregnant to the Pregnant board! I ovulated on June 7 and am due around the end of February with my first (7 weeks pg July 12). I am still worried about the m/c possibilities. I go in for my first sono on Friday. I would like to compare notes with others that are on a close timetable with me and are also pg with a first child. My doctor only checked hcg twice (12dpo and 14dpo) and progesterone once and I've had no other checks since then. Please share your results on hcg and what you have experienced so far!


calex - July 19

Hi there, I am currently behind you at about 6 1/2 weeks. I'm 37 and this will be my first. I was seeing a fertility specialist and doing clomid before I quit and got pregnant naturally. Since pregnant I have been low on progesterone and estrogen, so I'm on supplements which makes me feel good and bad that I am low. My first pelvic ultrasoubnd was done at 5 1/2 weeks and there was no heartbeat yet. So I will go in on the 21st and the doctor says it should be there by then. I'm excited and scared to death. I don't have morning sickness, or b___st tenderness, but my gut is distended. How do you feel?


Ann1 - July 22

calex, hi! I am so glad someone responded. I haven't been able to check for a few days, because I have been out at a client's office. I was seeing a RE as well before I got pg. I have fibroids, had endo, and have borderline high fsh. I went through 6 rounds of clomid (5 w/iui) and 2 rounds of injectibles. I was waiting to do ivf when I got pg naturally! I was scheduled to have a surgery to remove a fibroid and ended up pg! I had no m/s or b___st tenderness at all until almost 7 weeks. I've still not been sick at all, but the tenderness has started. My tummy is also sticking out! It is so funny to me. I didn't think I should show until 12 weeks. I was wrong! How did your last visit go? Did you get to see the heartbeat??


Janny - July 22

Hello!! I found out I was pregnant yesterday - possibly 3 weeks. So, per the due date calculator, I might be due at the end of March. I am 36 and this is my first pregancy. I did have a m/c last May - so I am really scared this time that the same thing will happen. Last time I didn't find out I was pregnant till 8 weeks and then I m/c - so I'm on the ball this time. I have a orientation and bloodwork this coming Tuesday and first doctor appt. on 8/4/06. It seems you both have a lot more knowledge of what's going on and what tests to have done. I need help!! :o) I do have a list started of things to discuss with the doctor. Is there anything I should ask or any tests I should request?


Ann1 - July 23

Hi Janny and welcome w/big congrats! Are you 3 weeks as in 3 weeks past your ovulation day (which is considered 5 weeks)? My dr didn't do anything but blood tests at my first visit, just to confirm the pregnancy and to check my progesterone. Then I had another blood test 2 days later to make sure the hcg was at least doubling. Then I did an ultrasound when I was about 7.5 weeks. I am surprised they are making you wait to come in that long (unless you did the blood test already to confirm). I have my true first visit on Tuesday (7/25) to check everything. I can fill you in better after that! At my first u/s they found a blood clot and the dr said I have about a 20% chance of miscarrying, so I understand your worry. So far I've had no spotting or anything, so I am cautiously optimistic! How long did you try to conceive?


Janny - July 25

Ann1: I think I concevied on 7/3 or 7/4 - I have PCOS - so my ovulation is unpredicatable or non-existent. So I could be 3 weeks pregnant or 1 week - who knows?? Since the PCOS diagnosis - they said we probably wouldn't be able to get pregnant - we have been trying for 4 years. So when the m/c happened we were devastated and thought we lost our one and only chance. But surprise - here we go again -but that threat of m/c hangs over our heads. I have felt some twinges in my lower abdomen and a st_tch (like after you run) just below my left hip - who knows what's going on!!?? I just know that we all need to be proactive with our doctors!!! SO I will be rady tonight and next week with all my questions and requests!!!! ;o)


Ann1 - July 26

Janny, you are 5 weeks and 1 day preg now, if you conceived on the 4th. Wow, 4 years. That is worse than w/me! I really thought it would never work, too. I had my first "real" prenatal appt yesterday. All went well, and my blood clot is gone. It was so cool to see the heartbeat again!! The cramping is totally normal. Unless it is severe or lasts for a long time, it is nothing to worry about! Do you "feel" preg yet?


Janny - July 26

I feel like I did the first time before the m/c - just 'off ' - not normal. Eating makes me feel better. So I do believe in eating six small meals a day - it really makes a difference. Other than that - I do have that 'full' feeling - do you know what I mean? I can't give up caffeine - I am drinking my water and juice - but I have to have at least a cup of soda or a cup of tea - I can't help it - but I don't drink or smoke - so hopefully I will be forgiven!! ;o) SInce the m/c - the bf and I are cautious - I have more hope this time and he is just waiting for the other shoe to drop - we haven't told any family in case something happens and I told only 2 close friends - so we'll see what happens. It's good news that the blood clot is gone - that's a relief! How do you feel? Any weird changes?


pianogirl - July 26

Hi everybody, I am 36 and pregnant with #1 due in Feb. I had 2 m/c this past year so needless to say 3rd time around I did not feel comfortable. However we have a very close Infertility Doc friend that did not leave me waiting: he saw me every week ever since. We did 3 hcg tests early on -2 and then 4 days apart. U/s at 6 weeks (with the heart beat which was very cool) and after that weekly u/s. It puts me at ease to know if the pregnancy is progressing normally (certain things should happen at certain weeks and you can see it on u/s). Once you pa__s 8 weeks the chances of a m/c are only 5% so you can relax. I am also on progesterone supplement, folgard and baby aspirin. anyone can request to have a more frequent visits- I think it's our right. My first ob/gyn scheduled me at 8 weeks but I came a day earlier because I was bleeding, so I refused to walk in the dark after that experience. I have very few simptoms so I guess it's good!!! Stay healthy everybody and no martinis!!!


Ann1 - July 27

Janny, I can't even tell you how relieved I was Tuesday. The heartbeat (179bpm) and size (27.26mm) were both normal, too. Whew!! I felt really bloated at first. Is that what you mean by full? One thing I think is odd now is that I will be starving, but I get full much faster. Anyone have that? I used to have one big cup of coffee per day. Now, I have about 1ounce of coffee with about 8 ounces of milk in the morning. It makes me feel like I am having coffee--basically coffee-flavored milk!:) I don't drink any tea or pop. I've been trying to drink 32 ounces of milk per day for the calcium and that also covers 1/3 of your protein needs. Have you been trying to eat or not eat anything else? pianogirl, I am sorry to hear about your m/cs. That had to be so tough. I am glad everything is going so well with this one. When in February are you due? I am due the 26th. I have craved martinis here and there but of course have not drunk any!! I may have a little wine later on (after the first trimester)--half a gla__s w/dinner on special occasions. Have you had many symptoms?


amandasmom - July 28

hi I am due feb 23, had a mc in march but this time all seems well had first us last week. heart rate was 167 and my hcg was 77,828. So my mid wife and my ob both say that everything looks good. tues august 1 I go for another us and I will let you know. so far no m/s big sore bs tho and a lot of joint pain I gues thats mostly because I'll be 38 in a week more than the pg. I shall keep you in my prayers happy day to you


Lynn - July 28

hey Ann1...i think i found you. did you officially move off the other site? i have not officially left 2 places as i met some great girls and want to be around when they get their BFP. i will quickly share my story...we have been TTC for over 3 years. had m/c in 2004 and an ectopic in 2005 which led me to loose my right tube during emergency surgery. after 6 months of nothing, dh and i decided enough was enough. May came and i just did not focus on TCC anymore. to my shock, amazement and excitement, i got a BFP by blood on June 2nd. I am currently 12wks 1d today. We went for a new down's syndrome test today (painless and no risk to baby) and the baby measured around 5.94cm and heart beating at 162 (last week was 175). it was so amazing to see a baby...hands, legs and everything. he/she was waving at us and also sucking a thumb. i go back in 2 weeks. thanks for inviting and i hope we all can share in this experience.


Ann1 - July 28

Hi Lynn! It is great to talk to you. I still post with CC, Tracy, and some other people. After getting to know each other so well and for so long, I couldn't just stop! If you see my 7/22 post on here, that is my summary. It is so odd that we both got pg naturally, after all the intervening ttc stuff. You are about 3 weeks ahead of me. That is amazing the baby is so big by 12 weeks!! Last Tuesday (at 9 weeks), my baby only measured 2.726cm and that was measuring at normal for a baby of 9 weeks and 4 days. The dr said that was normal for us, because dh and I are fairly tall (I am 5'11" and dh is 6'2"). It is all so amazing. Did you/will you get the nuchal translucency test? I go in for that on 8/14. I am excited to get another u/s so soon!! When can they tell the gender via u/s? Have you felt well? I have felt almost guilty for feeling so well. I had a little nausea (fixed w/eating), but never got sick at all!


Lynn - July 29

hello, Ann1...heading for IVF and got pregnant. how nice. we were not heading for anywhere but to give up when we got pregnant. i was emotionally and physically finished. my dh asked if he could just take over for one month and....following his lead, we got pregnant. go figure and now he has a big head. LOL. anyway. what is the test you are going in for in August? i have not heard of that. do you have any good books to read what is going on weekly? my roommate from college sent me a pregnancy journal and it is great. tells you everything that is going on daily. i have found interent sites that send weekly updates. morning sickness hit me bad but i am not a person to vomit so that never happened. basically it was upset belly and only being able to eat banana popcicles. it has gotten alot better in last couple of weeks. i now have indigestion but it is easy to control.well, check back later.


Lynn - July 29

okay Ann1, i googled the test and...i had it done yesterday. my OB does what is called an ultrascreen which also takes blood in addition to ultrasound. my blood was taken at 9wks 2d and ultrasound yesterday at 12wks 1d. when both info is fed into a machine it gives chances of downs, trisomy 18/15. i am 38 and my chances of having a child with chromosomal abnormalities are the same as a 20 year old. the folds were below a 1 (OB says have to be over a 3 to be concerned) and chances are very unlikely. so i believe it is a very similar test. let me know how your appointment goes. i go back to OB on 08/11 for another check up. he is seeing me biweekly due to m/c in 04 and ectopic in 05. he is estimating seeing me weekly beginning in December as he is hoping i do not go to my due date which is 02/08/07. okay...talk to you later.


Ann1 - July 30

Lynn, why does your dr not want you to go to your due date? That is great your NT was below 3!! I will be SO happy if I get the same answer. It seems like it is such a long way to August 14...I think we briefly posted together a long time ago. Would it have been your that responded to a question asking about the endometrial biopsy? It seems like I remember something like that, but I could be way off!! My memory is not up to its normal par w/the pg. I keep misspeaking, too. Have you noticed anything like that? Can they see if your baby is a boy or girl at 12 weeks? I know it is somewhere around there when you can first tell. Are you going to find out? One person that works for me at my office just brought some work by my house that has to be done tomorrow--ugh!! I totally don't feel like working...hope your weekend is going well!


Lynn - July 30

Ann1, nope it was not me that posted about a biopsy. i have never had anything like that and my issue was with my PCOS mostly. As for not going to my due date....i was diagnosed with high blood pressure in Sept. 04. I have been taking meds completely safe for pregnancy from the beginning. it is maintained and i am doing well. my OB said that the closer you get the higher chances i have of pre-clampsia and he does not want to risk anything like that. he said if i get to 38 wks and i go....he is not going to stop it. if my blood pressure is okay, he will let me go, if not..i am going to get induced. so, i am looking at keeping it controlled until January 25th and then we see what happens. If you dont mind me asking, how old are you? Yes, we are planning to find out (if baby cooperates) and no they could not tell at 12 weeks. i have read you can if they look closely but the lady doing the ultrasound said if you even attempt a shot there is a very strong chance it is incorrect. they are instructed not to even look before 18 wks. i am scheduled to "look" around 20 weeks. just wait and the next couple of weeks will shoot by. i thought the same thing when they scheduled mine. have you thought of a theme for the nursery? check back later...



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