Due In November 2007 Anyone Else

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wantanotheraftertr - March 3

I just found out I am pregnant on Feb28. I had a TR in Oct 2006. I have good hcg levels and the DR. put me on prometrium I am starting to feel like crying all the time is this just pg I don't remember this with my others. or is it the meds? anyone else going thru this? Would love to have someone to chat with who is going thru pg too. I am 35 and it has been 13years almost since I have done this! any thought would be appreciated!


WyattandEdisonsmommy - March 19

Hi! I'm due on November 20. This will be Baby #3 for me. I'm 36 (will be 37 when the baby is born). My other children are Wyatt, 3 1/2 and Edison, 2. I haven't been to my OB yet, so I'm not sure what to expect now that I'm in the 'high risk' by age category. I have been exhausted and just would love to sleep all the time, but I can't with two preschoolers. Yeah, I've been a little emotional too. But, I have a tendency toward moodiness, so I'm not sure if it's completely because of the pregnancy.


QTinGA - March 19

Hi! I just found out on Friday that I am due with my 3rd baby (unexpected) on 18 Nov (I will be 31 when the baby is born). I'm considered high risk though because it took me 6 pregnancies to have 2 kids and this is my 7th pregnancy. Needless to say I'm really nervous. I took prometrium with my last pregnancy and I have a heathy baby boy who is 11months old. I also have a 5 year old boy. Don't worry about the medicine - it will be fine. I'd love to chat with you all on this thread as we go through the months. It will be nice to exchange stories, experiences, questions. Until next time.


wantanotheraftertr - March 19

I am very happy about your BFP! Congrats I actually had a M/C last week so I will not be taking that journey yet! But thanks for the interest and again Congrats!


QTinGA - March 20

I'm sorry to hear about your m/c last week. It has happened to me in some form or fashion 4 times and it doesn't get any easier. Take the time that you need to regroup. Take care of yourself. Until next time.


QTinGA - March 20

To WyattandEdisonsmommy - please tell me how you manage with 2 kids so close in age. Sleeping arrangements, etc. and with the third on the way ... do you have a big enough house/vehicle? I don't and I'm already stressing about both the health of the baby and the logistics of how things will work when baby arrives.


WyattandEdisonsmommy - March 20

Hi QTinGA. To answer your question, we recently got a (very used) mini-van so we are set in the transportation part. As far as sleeping arrangements. Our house is pretty small but we do have 3 bedrooms. Right now the 2 boys are each in their own room. (My youngest is still in the crib). But, we set up another toddler bed in my oldest son's room and gradually are getting my youngest used to sleeping in it. When the baby comes, he/she will get the crib and the room to himself/herself and the two boys will be together. Probably the biggest issue with having them close in age for me is just how BUSY life is. I'm slightly nervous about having 3 small children, but I know God always provides the strength we need. Hey, and I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this pregnancy. I'll pray for an easy, uneventful pregnancy and a healthy baby. Our due dates are so close! I saw you are due on the 18th. By the way, my first name is Karen.


BarbinNH - March 20

Hi Everyone, I just found out that I am due on Nov 24th. This will be my third. It's been 12 years since I have done this, and my oldest is almost 17! I am and still will be 38 when I deliver, phew... I am excited, nervous, just wondering what I have gotten myself into. Am I crazy???


QTinGA - March 20

Karen - thanks for the run down ... my oldest is 5 so I don't know what I'll do with the sleeping agrangements. Only have 3 bedrooms and they aren't too big. We will get it figured out. I agree with you when you said God will provide. It doesn't make all the nervousness go away though. So Barb - no I don't think your crazy just blessed. Take it easy and take care ladies, we're in for good ride.


Our greatest gift - March 24

Hi.... My husband and I were trying in Feb. to get pregnant and I got positive test on Feb. 18th, 2007... According to on-line sites I am 8 weeks now and due end of Oct. early Nov.... My symptoms are severe and my other pregnancies were completely different.... My youngest child is 9 years old..... p.s. I am 35 too....


countrymom - March 30

I found out I was pregnant on March 12th. I couldn't believe it. It is my first and I've been trying for about a year. I am excited and now 6 weeks pregnant. Congrats to all!



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