Due Oct 2 2007

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apple_ann_69 - February 23

Hey, I'm due Oct 2, 07. I am in my 8th week. Anyone has a close due date & want to share the journey?


LaddsLady - February 26

Hi! I'm due the end of September 09/22/07 to be exact...that close enough?? How are you feeling? I think these forums are great and very helpful with easing some anxiety.


proudmommy4 - March 3

Hi Apple, I'm due Oct 3rd/07. That's pretty close. This is my 6th pregnancy, 2 of them were mc's. I always wanted 4 kids, (at least) but I'm 35 yrs old now, and wondering if this should be the last


wantanotheraftertr - March 3

I just found out I am due nov 10th would love to share the journey. I am flood of water works today I take prometrium as I had a TR in oct so RE is monitoring me close since I am greater risk of eptopic! best wishes to all of you how is everyone feeling is the water works happening for you or did it? Or is it just my meds?


docbytch - March 3

I am due 10/16/07. Miscarried last summer so this time I am a little more watchful. First US shows dates to match, ovaries look good, and my pregnancy looks good. Feeling more hopeful.


along123 - March 7

I'm due with 2nd baby Oct 18, which is also the date of my 10 yr anniversary. Ist baby was right on due date. I'm 8 weeks and feeling the baby move already. Wondering if farther along than caclulated?


apple_ann_69 - March 14

Thanks all for responding. I am now in my 12th week. I havent been online as the past 2 weeks were horrible!!! Yes u know the morning sickness. This week not so bad but I'll be relaxing and all of a sudden I start vomiting. Then I am all weak when done. Well I have 2 kids 14 & 16. Wanted 4 like proudmommy4 but I am 37 now so may b the last. My next appt will be this saturday doc should be able to hear hearbeat with his doppler. Will keep u all posted.


apple_ann_69 - March 14

Hey docbytch, I miscarried last june like you. And by the way, u are due on my birthday!!!


proudmommy4 - March 29

Where have you all been? It's been a few weeks since anyone posted. I kwym about the horrible morning sickness. I decided that I won't do this ever again! That's how bad my ms has been. This is my 6th pregnancy, but I've never been anywhere near this sick. I'm taking meds for it, and they knock me out. I have a 6 yr old, 4 yr old, and a 1 yr old to take care of too. I just don't know how people do it! apple_ann, I hope you come back, and anyone expecting around the same time. It would be exciting to share our pregnancies together!


docbytch - March 29

Very cool appleann. My guess is that my pregnancy will likely go a little early...most pregnancies seem to do that. How is your pg going? I am doing the integrated screen 4/05. Kinda nervous...but really doubtful there is going to be anything wrong with this pregnancy. I get a little nervous at the prospect of amnio so im probaby gonna opt out of that. What about you? Is this your first baby?



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