Echogenic Foci Spots On The Fetus Heart

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Patty - July 27

Well I just came back from the Dr. office and another US. The calic_m deposit is still there, but everything else looks great. He is now 2 lbs in the womb, and I can feel it!! Just wanted to give you all an update. I probably will not have another US unless they feel it is neccessary...Hope everyone is doing well!


Kristi - July 28

I was glad to find this site/forum. I had my US yesterday and they found the white spot on the heart. It was very small, but my doctor said he has to tell me about it. He said the same about how much better US are now, that they are finding this more now. Still quite a scare. How many of you are scheduled to have further test or US. My doctor said he could send me for an US from a specialist in reading them, but that he would tell me the same. Should I ask for another US at a later time. I am only 18 1/2 weeks. The baby appeared fine in all other ways and was very active during the entire US. Sorry this is so long, but I am concerned.


MICHELLE - July 29

My doctor told me yesterday that he saw a spot on my daughters heart yesterday but not to worry because my blood tests indicated my risk for DS are 1 in 50,000. But how am I not going to worry?


Jennifer - August 1

Wow I wish I would have found this site when I was pregnant. My Daughter had a calcium deposit in her heart as well. I FREAKED OUT. Even though my doctor (top ultrasound dr in the state) promised me everything would be ok. Everything else was normal in the ultrasound including the quad screening. My daughter is a healthy happy 4 month old now. I can relate to what you are all feeling I was a mess. Please feel free to email me with anything you all need. [email protected]


Patty - August 1

Does anyone know what Quad Screeing is? I saw it on this forum and never heard of it. What is it and what do they do? Thanks!


Crystal - August 5

Im really glad I found this web site I had a US on 8/3/05. They noticed a calcium spot on the heart as well. I am so freaked out! Im schuled to go back in 4 weeks. Every thing else was fine; heart rate, weight. Every thing! They told me that they find this allot and its nothing to worry about, because my blood test was normal.But I am worrying my self sick! Please pray for our little boy. My next DR appt is 8/24 and my next us is 9/7 I will keep you posted!


Shanna - August 11

Hi ladies, 17 weeks along and just had an ultrasound today. Everything looked perfect except for the white spot. Had bloodwork done today too. The doctor that looked everything over said because I'm 25 that the chances are good that all is fine, but its impossible not to worry. There were no other makers to indicate Downs. Trying not to stress........ oh, and my baby kept its legs crossed the whole time so no idea as to the gender!


skapa - August 15

Hi, My wife is 9 months pregnant now, Her due is on Set' 20. We have the similar situation when we had U/S first time. But her regular blood test are good and her Dr. sent us to another specialist, They also told everything is normal, no problems on heart, baby was growing normal, except white spot. Dr. was it is very common, Hope it turns out nothing.


Paola - August 17

It's not nice to know that I am not the only one going through these worries, I wish no-one was, but reading through the messages has given me some peace of mind. It's like having a support group. Like all of you, I also pray for a healthy baby and I wish we didn't have to just seems impossible! All I want is a healthy happy boy and I will pray for him and for all our babies who deserve to be O.K. There's not much more we can do...and that should be more than enough.


kari - August 17

hi ... i just had an ultra sound and the dr told me that my baby had the same thing.. i am also 37


kris A. - August 18

My 26.5 ultrasound revealed a healthy baby girl with a foci spot on her heart. The tech said she sees these more and more because of the advances of the ultrasound equipment, and now she doesn't even consider them a risk factor, but they are obligated to point them out. I was also at a slight risk of down's, but my tech took her time, pointed out all the organs to me and that they all looked completely normal, and she was supremely confident there was no prob with our little girl... I almost cried as we had such a struggle in the beginning of this pregnancy and have been on pins and needles hoping she would make it through a subchorionic hemorraghe and placenta previa, then the risk of down's.... now i CAN RELAX and wait for my baby girl, who is now 1 lb 14 oz. Try not to worry, place your faith, and all will be well. Good luck to all.


paula - August 22

i just came home in tears because i was told about this calcium spot that was seen with the ultra sound but the afp test was normal so i can only thank you ladies who are making me feel better than the woman who gave me the ultrasound who probably was trying to get me back for genetic counsiling


Melanie - August 24

Im 24 yrs old and this is my first pregnancy and it's been tough. I've been on a very big emotional roller coaster. My 1st U/S came back as two markers for DS. I went and got a level two U/S and the doctor advised that there was a white spot on the heart and that it was very common and not for me to worry. As for the second marker they thought there was a chance for spina bifida and the level two U/S showed no signs of it and that all the body parts and organs were all delveloping correctly and there was no sign of spina bifida. I was set free of any worrying. I then had to go to my monthly follow up and turns out my AFP test came back abnormal so again I had to go for another ultrasound and I opted to go through the Amnio procedure. We advised the doctors regardless of the results we were not going to term. the pregnancy but, wanted to prepare ourselves and educate ourselves if our baby turns out ot have DS. I felt safe and a__sured the procedure would go well and the risks were really low. I'm 24 weeks along and the baby is kicking like crazy! I can't wait for his arrival in Dec. I should be getting my Amnio results back in about a week or so..I just took the test last Wednesday. Wish me luck!


Steffi - August 25

Wow. It is rea__suring to read all these answers. We had our 2nd US yesterday and the Dr. said everything was perfect BUT . . . the echogenic foci / calcium deposit on the heart. She said that since everything else was perfect there was probably nothing to worry about but how can you not worry? I appreciated the comment from someone on this thread that said the US are so much stronger, babies probably have been having echogenic foci / calcium deposits for years but no one was ever able to see them! So I truly believe it is one of those things that if you don't have any other indicators of a genetic problem, that everything is probably ok. Even so, I have added everyone here to my prayer list just in case! Good luck to everyone (and me) on a healthy baby. Thanks for taking the time to write, I felt so much better after reading everyone's comments.


lyne - August 26

My doctor called my wife and told us that there is a white spot in our baby's heart, she suggested us to do a level II US. We are wo worrying about...


Crystal - August 27

I Just seen the doctor thurs. My next u/s isn't till Sept. 7th. It seems like an eternity away, but I haven't been worrying as much. My doctor has been trying to asure me that every is fine. He said that theses spots are very very common.



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