Echogenic Foci Spots On The Fetus Heart

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Crystal - August 27

I Just seen the doctor thurs. My next u/s isn't till Sept. 7th. It seems like an eternity away, but I haven't been worrying as much. My doctor has been trying to asure me that every is fine. He said that theses spots are very very common.


Susan - August 30

Hi everyone , i am new to this goup. i am glad i found this site. i am 22 weeks pregnant with twins and one of the baby has an ecogenic foci in the left ventricle. i will be 35 yrs old this week and i worry about my baby.My AFP Test came out negative and there are no other markers for DS. I want to think positive that the babies will be ok but at times i cry. i am on complete bedrest for the rest of my prg due to short cervix for which they did a cerclage. i will pray for all of you and your babies, please do keep me and my babies in your prayers,


Tanya - August 30

Hi all! I am so glad I stumbled upon this site. I just had a level two u/s and found out my baby has the echogenic foci in the heart and extra fluid in the kidneys. All other tests came back neg and the baby's development is right on target. Can you have two markers and still not have a baby with down's?


Jenny - August 30

My dr. just called me today and told me that they saw the white spot on the left ventricle of my daughter's heart. I was a mess (at work - which was embarra__sing) until I found this site. Thanks so much for all the positive thoughts! I am feeling much better knowing that this is very common and there is nothing to worry about. My AFP test came back normal, as well. The tech thought she saw marginal previa, but the dr. said there was no evidence of it. I will keep all of you in my prayers. God Bless!


Jennifer - August 30

To answer your question. Yes Tanya it is possible to have 2 soft Markers and the baby not have downs. I have a friends who had the same markers as your baby has and her child was born perfectly normal. I will keep you all in my prayers. Jennifer


Tanya - August 30

Jennifer thank you so much. I feel so much better. I will continue to worry anyway, but your post certainly helped...I will continue to pray for us all...thank you again


Mike - September 7

I got a call from my wife in tears this morning, saying that 'something came up' in the ultrasound and that they needed her to go in for some more tests. We did, and were told that our baby had an echogenic heart spot like what has been described here. She had some blood taken, and in the next few days we are going to a larger hospital a few hours away for an more advanced ultrasound and to review the results of the blood tests. Our doctor was great. He told us that this was the only item of concern on the ultrasound. As my wife is 30, no other tests besides basic blood work were done before our ultrasound. Its been good to read through these responses. I've gone from being 100% sure that our baby was going to be born with Down's to being hopeful that this is just a scary moment in our 9 month adventure.


Crystal - September 8

I am now 24 weeks along. Tuesday I went back to get my 2nd ultrasound. The calcium spot is still there, but they said not to sorrry. With the first ultrasound the nurse doing the ultra sound and the doctor, who is not my regular doctor really freaked us out. The nurse actually yelled "Doctor" really loud when the doctor was out of the room to get her to come in. I thought that some thing was really really wrong. Then when they explained what it was I was even more scared, they failed to mention that they see calcium spots 5 -6X's per week that turn out to be nothing ! But after talking to my regular doctor, and now gettting the second ultrasound I feel somewhat better. My baby is growing normally, and there are no other problems. Also they said I don't need to come back for another ultrasound, unless I want to. And I don't its too stressfull. Im going to focus on being happy and healthy for the rest of my pregnancy! I hope that all of you try not to worry too. I will keep all of our babbies in our prayer! My due date is Dec 18th so I will let you know!


vini - September 13

hi all, i read all the comments and came to this site while searching for the possibility of DS with fetus having a small calcium deposit in the heart. I am 29 years old and I am 23 weeks pregnant. I have level2 US on 30th last month and everything is normal but for calcium deposit in the baby's heart. Today I had a meeting with the counseller and he said that there is nothing to worry and it's upto us to decide whether we want to go for aminocentesis or not. I have a day to call. I am confused. I don't want to take the risk of Amino but I am also worried about the baby. Further, I am an Asian and the doctor says that it's common among the Asian communities. Instead of answering the above, I would like to know opinions from the friends who visit the site often. Thanks!!


Danielle - September 14

I just went to the doctors yesterday and they told me the same thing. They said that it appears in 20% of normal babies and that i shouldnt worry about it. All my test came back fine and that was the only thing so i would be ok.


Crystal - September 14

I asked my doctor if they were going to offer me an amnio & he said he didin't feel it was necessay because this is so coomon. Maybe that will help you decice. On the other hand- I personally would have done the amnio to set my mind at ease!


Kristi - September 14

yes, i am 33 weeks and have known about the focus in heart from17 weeks. we did not do amnio due to the risks and my age of only 31. I had a level two ultrasound and everything else seems to be fine. The focus is still there .The waiting has been and is the hardest part. I have not enjoyed this pregnancy due to the worries.I have prayed and am trying to prepare myself if there is any genetic disorder.


Cindy - September 17

Vini, I found this site under the same situation as you are. I am now 27 weeks, I am 30 years old and I'm also Asian. I was sent to the 2nd level ultrasound a month ago due to 2 bright spots at the baby's heart. When they told me calcium deposite could means my baby might have DS, I cried. I didn't think it would happen to me. Neither of our family have any history of DS. But both the nurse and the doctor comfort me by telling me usually there is more than one symtoms on DS babies. They examine all the organs, especially lungs. Fluid in the lungs can be another symtoms. They also look at baby's facial structure...nose bone, eye sockets. Also baby's fingers and toes. The doctor said everything seems to be very normal, I shouldn't be worry at all. Well...I still worry. I'm going back in 2 weeks to do another ultrasound...hopefully the spots will go away. I'm really glad to see your post and now know that it's common among Asian. Maybe I can ask my doctor and see if he can confirm the stats for us...Good luck to all the expecting mom out there.


Vini - September 19

Thanks to all who responded to my query..i am praying and i hope that such worries should never be a part of any pregnancies. Thanks once again!!


Gretchen - September 21

I have just had the same experience today - just had an ultrasound where they found an echogenic foci spot and told me there is a risk of downs. Now I am really scared and my husband and I have to decide on an amnio or not. I am 32 years old and will be 33 when the baby is born. Everything that I have read today is "inconclusive" as to whether the spots themselves indicate downs. God willing, everything will turn out OK.


kris A. - September 21

Gretchen, read back through these posts as they should bring you a small amount of comfort. I know my baby has the foci spot, left ventricle. A subsequent high level u/s found no other markers or abnormalities, and the tech was certain the baby looked fine... these are very common now with advances in u/s imaging. Try not to worry and about the amnio, if you would keep the pregnancy regardless of outcome, then I would point out 1/200 chance of miscarriage from the procedure itself. My friend found out the results of her amnio (healthy boy) the same day she miscarried him due to the amnio.



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