Echogenic Foci Spots On The Fetus Heart

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Cecelo - March 25

Hi everyone. I've been reading this forum ever since I found out about my baby's EIF during my 19 week anatomy scan. Not sure if anyone still reads this but if you are like me who lurked for a while, thought id share my story. I'm from Canada. I turned 35 this month and due July 3. Here we do a standard NT scan at 12 weeks, then 1 blood tests at week 12, and another one at 15 weeks (IPS) not sure if it's the same as the US. Anyway, my numbers for DS came back normal, 1:2630, OB said that's pretty good for my age. Everything was fine until my anatomy scan. My OB told me they found a calcium spot in baby's heart, a soft marker for DS and yes, it cut my ips screening numbers into half (so now it's 1:1315) Like everyone's been told, my OB kept trying to re ure me that it's common and nothing to worry about. In fact, she didn't even tells until 4 weeks later at our appt! Despite her re urance, nothing could ease my fears bc everynight I thought about the "what ifs". I was afraid I'm not strong enough to care for a DS baby, how was I going to tell our family and friends etc. I had many negative thoughts and whenever ppl asked about my pregnancy I didn't want to talk about it. I never told anyone except for my DH of cpurse so I felt really alone. Anyway, long story short, I pushed to see a high risk specialist, who also re ured me of ots an isolated findings with good screening numbers, it is nothing to worry about and didn't recommend doing the amnio. However, I could do the mom invasive blood test called Verifi (or materna13?) to confirm any chromosomal abnormalities. He said its 99.9% accurate bc it looks for specifically the DS chromosomes. I did not qualify for the test bc my risks were low (another positive I guess) but he managed to get me approved for the test by the government. My blood had to be sent to California for this since we don't have it here in Canada. My results came back today and was told my baby is healthy and normal! No DS or any other abnormalities! I'm so happy and relieved I started crying right away. I know it's not the same as actually giving birth to a live baby type of re urance but it was enough for me to know that my baby is ok, and that I can finally enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without this lingering in the back of my head. Hopefully my story will help those who are still worried. Id encourage those who are afraid to do the amnio to do the non invasive blood test for a peace of mind. If you're not covered I believe it's $900 but it's worth every penny! Good luck ladies!


Eronse - April 1

I'm 27 and had good Quad Screening blood work results (1 - 20,000 for DS) but they found a small EIF on the LV of the heart on my 20 week ultrasound. I had a follow up ultrasound to check my placenta at 30 weeks and it was still present. Doctors have all said not to worry, but I can't help it. I'm due in 4 weeks and can't seem to get it off my mind!!


jzade11 - April 28

Is there anyone who can add me to the Facebook group? We just found out that an EIF was found in our daughter's 20 week anatomy scan, and I could really use the positive encouragement


Cecelo - July 5

Me again. Just wanna say I had my baby on June 16 and as expected she is perfect! No DS and no heart problems :)


iviegail - July 29

Hi everyone! I am new to the forum and found out 3 days ago about the echo on my daughter's heart.  I am a mother of 2 already and and I am older with this pregnancy (over 40) so this, combined with my age has sent me into a tailspin.  I have a level 2 U/S scheduled for tomorrow afternoon, but I have declined all of the genetic testing and will not have an amnio.  Your stories have been very comforting and I too would like to join the FB support group.


Chelsaep21 - December 21

My name is Chelsae Jenner and I was reading posts about EIF as we just found out my son has 2, one in the Lv and one in the Rv. I am curious to see if there was a way to join the fb support group to calm my nerves. Thank you so much! 


emhami23 - August 8

Can anyone add me to the FB site? We just found out about the EIF as well and could really use the support. 


proud_daddy_cakes - October 25

Hi to all the beautiful moms and moms to be:

My wife is 37 years old.  We have a 3 year old daughter.  We are also 22 weeks pregnant with a baby boy.  During our second ultrasound, a small spot was found on his heart.  

The OB phoned and told us the news, but did not sound too concerned.  He did not mention anything else bad about the scan, but a higher risk of down syndrome.  

I've been a nervous wreck about this whole thing and hope to reach out to this anyone in group who has ever experienced this.. I found comfort in reading the comments here.  I am trying to be strong and positive in front of my wife so that she does not stress during her last trimester.

Any insight would be valuable.

Concerned Daddy



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