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Karen2424 - January 12

Last Sept. I had my first miscarriage. I was bleeding and cramping. When the doc. did my u/s, he saw nothing in the sac but it was only 5 weeks. Since my bleeding & cramping increased, I went ahead and had a D&C. In December I became pregnant again. I went for my u/s last Wed. and the doc. said he did not see anything in the sac. I had blood tests done the first few weeks and the doc told me that my numbers were going up but I have no idea how much. Right now I would be pregnant 7 weeks according to my last period and I am very nervous. I asked my doctor if I should get my levels tested again and he said that it would not matter. What do I do? Should I inist on having blood levels tested again? I scheduled another u/s next Thurs and I am praying that I see something. I am 35 and do not want to go though the D&C again, it was horrible. Any advice, input would be appreciated. Thanks


Hopeful and excited - January 12

Karen - try not to panic and wait until your u/s next Thurs before you make any decisions. I know that's easier said than done but it could be that it was just still too early to see anything. My thoughts are with you. Much luck with it all. XOXOX


christa0120 - January 16

make sure you have a TRANSVAGINAL ultrasound before you make any decisions to have another D&C...Very sorry for your first loss.


suze42 - January 16

you could easily have been too early to see anything on that first u/s. Def. wait for teh next u/s and insist again on testing blood levels...your doc should want to see those either way. Everything could be fine still. Let us know. Also I had 2 early m/c, one at 7 wks and one at 9. I did not elect to have d&c's...i let my body shed the tissue naturally. It was not fun by any means but also not that bad. Lots of cramping, but I took pain meds. So it is an option to a D&C, if you should have to go that route. But think positve for now.



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