False Positive Quad Test

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mila32 - July 11

on June 30th I went in my doctor's office for a routine checkup. she informed me that it was time for me to have a quad test done. I readily agreed, as I thought this was pretty normal to have. I'm 34 yrs old, my husband is 34 also and we have two healthy kids 10 yrs and 12 yrs old. Well a week later a nurse called from my doctor's office to tell me that I tested at a increased risk for the possibility that our baby has down syndrome. My numbers were 1/17. She advised me she would immediately schedule an ultrasound for me and if I choose to do it, an amniocentis. To make a long story short, this news really freaked me and my husband out. I spent the last week not eating, not sleeping well and stressing over the possibility that there might be something wrong with our baby. the morning of the appointment, we sat down and spoke with a genetics counselor who showed us pictures of children who were born with down syndrome. We talked at great length about the possibility of caring for a down syndrome child. After meeting with the counselors, we went in to have the ultrasound, on the screen the baby looked really good, all her "markers" were normal, ( hands, feet, thickness of the back of her neck, length) I still decided to do an amnio because they told me even though she looked good, the only way to rule out down syndrome completely was to proceed with an amnio, however it was completely our decision to make. We had the amnio this past friday July 8th and today, our wedding anniversary we got the call to say everything was fine!! the baby is normal!! I just wanted to share this with you because this test does yield alot of false postives. Had I done my research on the test BEFORE I agreed to have it done, I think I could have greatly reduced my stress level this past week. I hope this helps someone out there. Looking forward to the birth of my baby girl in November!



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