Feeling Distressed

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rliu - February 2

I am into my 15th week, I just had my CVS and everything is normal so far. My biggest issues aren't really the baby's health but my mental health. I'm noticing that my husband and I are not getting along, I feel dissatisfied with our relationship and the way he is acting towards me. I feel that I am acting very neurotic and strange and am aware of it but that he is also not trying to understand all of the things happening with me and is unwilling to understand what is going on with my hormones. He is very aggressive mentally and emotionally with me, not really trying to be empathetic. I am not only extra sensitive but I'm feeling forlorn and sad when we are together. Moreover, we own our own business and spend a large amount of our time together, I feel he takes adavantage of this and treats me with disrespect. Is it me or am I totally going crazy? Is anyone else going through this? I've read that these types of feelings are normal but I just don't feel normal. I'm wondering if the pregnancy is ampliflying our miscommunication problems.


Bellasmomma - February 3

I'm sorry you are feeling this way. I don't have any great advice but when I was pregnant with our first child my husband was different as well and kinda unsensitive to my feelings and emotions.....but my hubby is also an only child.....spoiled, at least he is...i think he was jealous of the extra attention i needed and that the baby needed, before she was even born. Now with baby number 2 on the way, he seems much more sensitive to me...he felt like he was going ot be forgotten when she arrived....and in a way he kinda was, especially since i was nursing....maybe ask him if this is how he is feeling?....maybe get him to talk about how this new baby makes him feel....he may be feeling suffocated a bit..Good Luck, I do hope things get better...a baby can bring a ton of extra stress into the house.


rliu - February 5

thanks, bellasmomma, for your words. my husband is also an only child and a chinese one, at that. he was brought up in china but moved to the states when he was 14. he definitely has some of that chinese male chauvinism, very masoganistic when it comes to women some times. it isn't all of the time but when he gets a certain way, it really comes out. i, on the other hand, am a very outspoken independent person who has always had her own money and career. i think that our personalities naturally clash because of our cultural differences and how we were brought up. he was brought up by a very controlling mother and father who were musicians and didn't know much about finance and business. i grew up the last of four kids where we were taught about financial independence, we had a very comfortable upbringing and were able to afford two houses with wonderful memories but appreciated what we had. i also was taught to have responsibilities, to clean up after myself and treat others with respect. chinese culture is much different where growing up in a city, beijing, you have to fight for what you get and that includes not being always the person you represent, lots of subdiversion there. anyway, i guess i want to know that others went through this. i know that i must be acting up more than usual and that my hormones are getting the best of me but i feel that men don't really want to take the time to understand what we go through during this whole 9 month process....



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