First Fertility Doctor Schedued For March Need Guidance

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MsMonet - February 19

I just recently had a Myomectomy (Removal Of Fibroids) on Oct 03, 2006. My doctor told me that if I didn't get pregnant by March 2007... That I would have to consider fertility drugs before scar tissue begans to form in my uterus and the fact that I am 35 without children. I am going to start reading about the diff methods online, tonight... I would love to hear your opinions on where I should start or what method you find to be best and why... I'm alittle nervous about all of this but I will do anything to have children...


Ann1 - February 20

I also had fibroids and ended up doing fertility treatments. Most REs (Reproductive Endocrinologists) and most OB/GYNs will start you out on Clomid with IUIs. Before starting all this, your dr should do blood on you at cd3 (fsh and estradiol) and cd21 to confirm ovulation and your husband should also be tested before starting any treatments. Hope this helps!


MsMonet - February 20

Thanks, Ann1. Did you get pregnant? If so, how long did it take? Are there any side effects from clomid? Someone did tell me that I should get my husband tested first because women automatically think its them and it ends up being the husband.


sonia989 - March 1

I am pregnant with a boy from my 3rd IVF cycle. My main advice would be to definitely get acupuncture. it will make you much more relaxed throughout treatment, which will improve your odds of success. Even if you don't believe in it, trying it won't hurt. My Dr actually recommended it to me and the cycle where I used it was the one where I got preg, even though I had a poor response to the drugs and had only 1 good embryo. That one embryo stuck!


MsMonet - March 1

Sonia99-Congrats! When are you due?Can you tell me about your experience with IVF? What makes you not relaxed? Is it painful? I am actually scheduled to go to the infertility doctor tomorrow (friday) at noon for a consultation that is supposed to take about 2hrs. I just might consider acupunture... I think I may be stressed more because of my mother and law and sister inlaws. Every month they ask if I am preg yet... Did you tell family and friends about your IVF treatment. Not sure if that i something I should share?


MsMonet - March 2

Just went in to see the infertility doctor for a consultation. As mentioned, I have been having some problems with my period this last month and I've been feeling a heaviness on the lower right side. Well, it looks like the fibroid that my doctor shaved down may have grown alittle... I have to get a bunch of tests around the time of my period to determine if the fibroid is still acting as birth control... If I need another myo to remove it or if we can do ivf. Pls, pray for me. I just got a myo in oct 2006. When my husband and i were at the clinic, I felt like crying. My husband was cool and calm and believes everything will be fine but I so emotional. The doctor also gave me prescriptions for prenatal vit, folic acid and something called bioendurance pills. All the blood tests, tests and exams really begin the day of my period. The wks after that will determine alot. Say alittle prayer for me. Feeling alittle blue, today. Just think... I am always the one encouraging others... Now, I am asking for encouragement. I suppose thats what this forum is for. Thanks.


Tracy88 - March 3

I had one of two fibroids removed during laparoscopic surgery, took a month off of TTC to heal, then went straight into a cycle of injectables with IUI's. I got PG on the first try. I am now 29 weeks and 37 years old. They monitor my remaining fibroid for growth, etc... but all is well so far.


MsMonet - March 3

Tracy88-Thank you for sharing! I pray that somehow I can get preg without getting a myo. My fibroid is to big for a lap. I have to go back to the fertility inst_tute when my period comes around the 16th of March... then i return on the 3rd day to do a blood test, then a few days after that I get a hysterosonography, then a hsg, then a post coital test, then an endo biopsy. All of this will be done in a few wks. I heard the last 3 procedures are pretty painful. Did you get all of this done? Was the cyle of injectables painful? Although, I suppose none of this matters when you talk about conceiving a child... Just curious... Also, are you preg with twins? Congrats to you!!!!


Ann1 - March 3

MsMonet, yes, I did end up getting pg (that is what took me so long to post back--gave birth on 2/21 via c-section). However, I got pg on a natural cycle after 6 rounds of clomid (5 w/iui) and 2 rounds of injectibles w/iui. We were just moving on to ivf and ended up pg naturally--go figure. The only thing I was doing differently was accupuncture (had been ttc for 2 years and 3 mos when we got pg). I had no side effects from the clomid, but I gained some weight (about 6-7lbs) on injectibles. I agree that your dh should be tested first. That test is really easy compared to the female tests! About your dh being not emotional, mine was the same way. He was so sure there was nothing wrong and that we would just get pg naturally. It took several iuis before he started to realize that we were seriously having problems. You also asked about telling people. I personally have told no one at all (aside from people on this board) about our journey. I think most people do tell at least a few close friends and/or relatives, though. It is a very personal choice on that one. I thought the hsg was extremely painful, but I've heard other people say it is no big deal. Just take pain meds (ibuprofen if your dr doesn't prescribe anything stronger) before you do it. I didn't get that advice before my hsg, but I heard it helps. I've also heard the endo biop is painful, but I haven't done one. The injectibles weren't really painful, except Menopur (one of the ones I used) really burned going in. The Follistim, Lupron, and hcg trigger were all a breeze. W/ivf, I've heard the progesterone in oil shots (intramuscular shot as opposed to subcutaneous) are painful. Whatever it takes, though, will be completely worth it!!


MsMonet - March 3

Wow, Ann! Congrats! I didn't know... Girl or boy? How was your pregnancy? Wow, that is wonderful!!!! Pls, share your experience.... I get the hsg, etc in a few wks. I am so terrified. I just had fibroids removed (Myomectomy) in Oct 2006. I know the hsg can't be worse just tired of pain but I am sure I'll forget about it after I conceive. Thanks for getting back to me...


Ann1 - March 5

After all it took to get there, my pg went really smoothly. I had a big, healthy boy--10lbs 4ozs at 6 days early! Considering how rapidly your fibroids came back, did your dr recommend going straight to ivf? The hsg won't be near as bad as your myomectomy, because it will be over so quickly. Let me tell you that once your little baby arrives, you will know that everything you have gone through and are going through is completely worth it!! After the tests, do you know what your next steps will be, or does it all depend on the results? When will all of your test be complete?


MsMonet - March 5

Well, my period is at the end of next wk. When it arrives I have to go in and give 15 tubes of blood, 2 days later another procedure then the hsg then the biopsy. If they find that my fibroid isn't located in a bad spot and the problem is just scar tissue then I will get invitro done. If not, I will get a Myo. All the tests will be complete with 1 -2wks...


Ann1 - March 5

That is great that your dr isn't dragging his/her feet! Good luck w/all the tests. I hope you don' thave to do another myo before you can go to ivf.


MsMonet - March 6

Girl, I don't want to do the Myo period. I am hoping that its just scar tissue and they will want to do IVF, right away. Hows your baby boy? Do you guys want to have more children? How does it feel?


Ann1 - March 7

He is doing great (his name is Zane)! So far, he has been a really "good" baby. He doesn't cry much, except for a consistent 10-30 minute screaming period around 10pm. They say babies do that to de-stress from the day of lots of stimulation. He is sleeping for 4+ hours at a time, too. Since he is bigger, his tummy holds enough food to let him sleep for a while. It is a really indescribable feeling. I was just kind of on auto pilot the day he was born, but once I heard him cry, it was just a flood of emotions. I would like to have one more, but I know with my infertility issues, that may never happen. I am so thankful to have one child at least. I don't know how I could have dealt with zero, but I can deal with one, if that is all that I can have. Do you want more than one? For how long have you been ttc?


MsMonet - March 7

Wow, that is wonerful!!! Welcome, Baby Zane!!! Well, I've been married since July 2006. We've been trying since a few months before then... Thats when I found out I had fibroids... I didn't want anything like this to happen so early into marriage but we made it through it. I've always wanted twins since I was alittle girl... I pray and hope for twins but if God gives me one I will take what he gives me... I don't know why but I am so nervous about all the tests in the next wk. Or perhaps, I am nervous about what the end result will be... Perhaps, that is really it. I know my husband loves me but lets say I couldn't have children... I just can't imagine that type of life... I've always been a positive person but now I'm getting nervous. I just want to do everything right... You made it this far perhaps you can have another even if you have to use in fertility drug... How many embryos did you have transfered before... Also, does the doctor choose or did you? Are all of your fibroids gone? My doctor prescribed 81mg of baby aspirin, folic acids pills, prenatal vitamins and bioendurance pills... I will start taking them in a few days.


Ann1 - March 8

I wanted twins, too, until I actually got pg and starting thinking about how difficult it would be for the first couple years. That was confirmed once Zane arrived. I could NOT imagine having 2 right now!! I think I could only do it if I had some help. My dh and I have no family in town, so twins would kill me!! You asked about embryos transferred--we never actually did ivf. I was about to have another surgery for fibroids (at my RE's recommendation--he thought the fibroids would interfere w/implantation) then do ivf, and I ended up pg on a natural cycle! I was supposed to get af on a Saturday and then have the surgery on Thursday. I got a bfp on Sunday!! So, my fibroids are still there, and they didn't cause me any problems during my pg. I talked to 3 different drs before doing ivf, and they all had an opinion as to how many embyos they would transfer, depending on your age and circ_mstance. Most drs would likely transfer at least 2 and maybe 3 for you. You don't have any fsh issues, right? I went through a lot of stress thinking about never having children. My dh has a son from a previous marriage, and I had decided that I would divorce my dh if I couldn't get pg. I know that sounds drastic, but I just couldn't stand the thought that he would have something w/some other woman that I couldn't have w/him. Plus, if I couldn't have kids, I would want to live a completely differnet life than I live now in terms of traveling and living in different places. If I were you, I wouldn't focus on the what-ifs too much, and just try your best to get pg ASAP! Hopefully it will work for you the first time, and you can ease your mind and quit worrying! What are bioendurance pills? I haven't heard of that.



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