First Trimester Screen And Nuchal Positive

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Kimber69 - November 28

My Nuchal test was a 1.5mm which I thought was great but I recieved word yesterday that combined with the blood test I have a 1/181 chance of having a child with Down's Syndrome. I am 38 and I knew going into this that my risk was higher but I am still devastated! Can anyone please share their story or give me some postive hope. Thanks!


lovemy3 - November 28

Hi there, I can offer you a big hug and I know how you are feeling. I am also 38 and now 29 weeks pregnant with my 4th. My screen came back at 1/46 for ds and I did not have a NT number to put into the mix. I declined the amnio due to the m/c a__sociated and now have waited 9 weeks and have 8 weeks to go to my section. It has been hard and scary but we are managing. I know its devastating. For the first 3 weeks I cried lots. My scans and I have had 6 since, level 2's that have looked for ds markers. U/S is not a diagnostic tool used for ds and so we were told that only 50% of babies with ds ae actually picked up by u/s. I am still hopeful though as my u/s have been perfect. Good nasl bone, femour measures great, head cir. heart was perfect, all looks 100% on a scan its just my blood based results at 1/46, that have me so upset. What were your blood numbers before they incorparated the NT measurement. My sister-in-law had a poor NT result and made her result 1/50 and my nephew was perfect. My faith has helped me a lot and I spend a lot of time praying and reading. hang in there, and I log on fairly frequently. Good luck.


Hoping2BaMom - November 28

Hi Kimber69. I am 39 turning 40 (ouch!) on Monday. I have no children. I am currently pregnant for the second time in the past year. My first ended in m/c at 15w in late January. I got pregnant on my own the first time, but there were some complications (fibroid, cyst on ovary and a polyp on my cervix). Around 11 weeks I had a CVS test, which my ob suggested because of my age and its accuracy (99%). At the time, I was uncomfortable with the first trimester screening because it is 80% accurate and really only gives you the calculated risk. (You may wonder why I went with the invasive test, which has a risk of m/c, rather than the screening. At the time, I felt that the CVS was the right choice for me.) The CVS result showed the baby was fine. However, I lost the baby four weeks later. I don't know the exact reason, and like I said, I had some negative factors going in, but at the hospital, my blood work showed a high white blood cell count which implies some sort of infection. I tried on my own for 4 or 5 months and decided to go back to my fertility doctor. In September, I was lucky and fortunate enough to conceive on my first round of meds. This time, the CVS test was a little more scary because of what happened to me last time, so I went with the screening. At 39, I started off at about 1/46. After the scan (1.5mm too) and bloodwork, I almost halved my risk to 1/72 which still comes up screen positive. (cutoff is 1/220). When I got the results Monday (11/26), I felt ok. However, the nurse that drew the blood called the next day, not realizing that someone else had already given me my results. She said that she had talked to the doctor, and even though I was past the normal week range for the CVS, the doctor was still willing to see me today. I declined, but ended up going in today anyway (I was still upset) and having the CVS. I feel relieved that I did it, but now I have the worry during the next few weeks while I wait for the results. This time my pregnancy has been polyp, but I still have the fibroid (which doesn't go away on its own) and a smaller cyst on my ovary. Whatever you decide (further testing or not), I wish you all the best!


lovemy3 - November 29

I hope your results are great!! its such a worry isn't it. Thnaks for sharing your story, try and take it easy over the next couple of weeks while you wait. Be sure to let us know, xo


Hoping2BaMom - November 29

Thanks so much lovemy3. I continue to read some of the posts on the ttc you and angelkitty (I know how she feels) and alot of the others. I haven't been able to get up enough courage to really join in anywhere because of what happened to me last time. I keep saying I need to get past 15w. Now I have another bridge to cross. It's comforting how we can connect so closely with people we have never met. Not to be too weird, but I know I will think about you everyday until your precious baby makes her (or his) appearance...and I will hope beyond hope that she will be perfect!


lovemy3 - November 30

Thanks so much. Everything is going to be just fine for each of us.


Hoping2BaMom - December 5

Hello lovemy3. My CVS results came back today and I got the good news that the baby is ok. I declined to know the baby's gender...I have waited this long for my first baby..I can wait a little longer. Everything will work out fine for you, baby and family. :-) So don't stress. xoxo


lovemy3 - December 5

thats awesome news...congrats! I am really happy for you. Now you can sit back and relax and enjoy your journey!



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