First Trimester Ultra Screen Test Results

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pmblake - May 8

Hi, I'm 39 and 13 1/2 weeks pregnant. I just received my ultra screen results and I would like to know if anyone has advice as to what testing I should have next. My results for Downs are 1:1,721 with b/w and for Trisomy 1:3,081 with b/w. I realize these are good numbers but I also know that the test is only 90% accurate. I also had the u/s with the blood test and the NT measurement was 1.4 and we saw a big nasal bone. This is also good........ but my husband is still terrified at the thought of having a Downs child. We've had 4 m/c's, 2 of which were genetic complications so we're also up against the fears of that happening again. My Dr. has not ordered any additional genetic tests. He says that we're in the clear but I would like to have something more done for some more reassurance. SO ;) I guess my question is -- Has anyone had good test results with this screen and still went on w/ more testing? I really appreciate any comments or advice.


2007baby - May 9

1 in 1700 for downs? u realize there are many who have been given 1 in 30 or 1 in 10? U are in the clear. What is your question?


lovemy3 - May 9

Hi Pam, I think those are awesome numbers. I don't think you have anything to worry about. I think for our ages especially that they couldn't possibly be better. Congrats and not too worry! xoxox


pmblake - May 9

Hey Lovemy3! Thanks for your positive vibes! To you too 2007baby! I know these are good #'s but Lovemy3, you know me.. Knowing my luck I'll could end up in the 10% of affected women. My husband and I were just considering another test and wanted to hear about other options out there. I've been reading about the level II u/s which could show us if there's any markers for Downs.... Other women have had similar results and went on for further testing... just to be 100% sure. I would never do an amnio at this point and risk the pregnancy but the level II u/s may be an option for me.


MelissaK - May 9

pmblake - I have the same background as you (except 3 MCs). I am currently 20w3d and will be 39 on the 19th of May. Our early screen results came back similar - great results. I DID opt to have an amnio though, only because I HAD to know the baby was ok. It came back normal. The amnio was such a total non-event that I can't believe more women don't do it. It came back as a girl too. Since then we have been able to relax alot - hard to do when you have had multiple MCs. We even keep saying things like "when the baby arrives" because we know we are in the home stretch as the chromosomes are fine, and I don't appear to have any bodily issues like a bad cervix or anything. Talk to your doc, schedule the amnio and make your final decision when you get closer to the date. A word to the wise though, your doc will make you take the Quad screen blood test soon. It's a real crock as your maternal age will put your stats into the high risk group straight away and will cause needless panic on your end. We actually had the Quad test results back the night we had the amnio results back, and the Quad test showed 1:10 for Downs. However, the amnio is definitive as the testing is against the actual fetal chromosomes. If you are not afraid (and seriously, I don't think you should be), go for the amnio.


pmblake - May 9

Thank you so much for your response Melissa! Congratulations on your little girl. I have 2 little girls. They are a handful but a true joy. Did you have a level II u/s prior to amnio or just move right into amnio? I was going to opt for the level II u/s and then depending on those results move into amnio. I honestly don't know if my Dr. would approve an amnio or even the u/s b/c of my results. Did your Dr. allow the amnio w/out a problem even though your screening results were so good?? I have not made an appt yet to discuss the results w/ my Dr. The nurse gave me my results and said that he didn't put anything on my chart except that I'm in the clear. I'm trying to get my ducks in a row before I go to see him. Thank you again for your advice!


Carly67 - May 10

A level 2 ultrasound is standard in mr dr's practice.


Sonyamac - May 11

Congratulatons ladies, I am presently 38 and will be 39 when our little arrives in January....I am 5 weeks today. We have a 9 1/2 month old, all my u/s & b/w came back as negative when i was, I am thinking it will be the same this time...did anyone get the CVS (chronic villus sampling) done as 10-12 weeks, they can do it sooner than amnio? Just curious, due to my age, I am undecided if I should just have the IPS (Intergreatd Pre-Screening-that's what it is called here in Canada), it the 2 b/w and u/s....the Triple Test i believe the generic name...any thought would be appreciated! Congrats again to all....and BABY HUGS! Sonya ;)


Carly67 - May 11

I am 39 and just delivered my 4th child. I never had the bw done for that not even with my first three who I had in my 20s. Just heard too many horror stories about false positives only after needless worry to find out everything is fine.


MelissaK - May 15

I TOLD my doctor I was getting CVS, and she really pushed back. I then SCHEDULED the amnio outside of her approval and informed her I would decide the week before, then I just went ahead and had it. Ifr you over 35, the doc HAS to offer it and insurance covers it.


claire83 - May 15

hi pmblake with my last pregnancy my numbers were 1/400 and i was only 22 yrs old


claire83 - May 15

so do not worry too much try and enjoy your pregnancy were due the same day lol



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