Fluid On Baby Neck 11mm So Scared Please Help

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nicdel - May 14

i am currently 13 weeks pregnant went for my regular scan all was fine baby heart beat good, nasal bone seen, all correct size, but the fluid on baby neck was 11mm way over the 3mm its meant to be i was sent to specialist and was told my baby had 1:3 chance of downs and that she didn't think she/he will survive until next week even thou her heart beat seems so strong and she was moving around, i had the CVS carried out and have to wait now until thursday for some of the results and the rest will be one week later, me and my partner are so scared we want this baby no matter what i am only 25 and it just does not make sense to us, what are my babies chances of survival, has anybody had anything similar to this please any thoughts good or bad will help.


christa0120 - May 14

No great words of wisdom or inspiration just wanted to wish you some sort of wish for peace and understanding in your time of need.


nicdel - May 14

thanks just wish someone who has been in a similar situation would offer any comments we're truly going out of our minds


Betul - May 14

Have you had an amniocentisis? From what I understand it is the only definitive (really accurate) test that can identify downs. I mean if everything else was normal (nasal bone, bone measurements, etc) and no markers for downs were found (except the fluid on the neck) more tests are definately needed. YOu are in our prayers and please let us know how your CVS test results come back.


christa0120 - May 14

Betul...the CVS is as good as amnio...and can be done sooner. The problem may not neccesarily be Down Syndrome but something else such as any of the other trisomies (18&13) or there could be some other "not compatible with life" problem. Either way...nicdel...I hope you are able to find some peace.


CaliTrish - May 14

Being 37 years old, I just went through all the genetic worries, too. Luckily, things appear to be okay. However, unlike you, my husband and I doubted our ability to raise a special needs child. If you and your partner want this baby no matter what, then try not to worry. Love one another and have faith. The neck fold is only one of many markers and only a screening for risk. Wait for CVS results. At 25, your odds of giving birth to a baby with DS is 1/1100. Worrying about it will only make matters worse.


Perl - May 15

Nicdel, I agree with most of what previous posts have already stated. The CVS will give you almost precise diagnosis so don't put as much weight on the 11mm measurement since you're doing CVS. The CVS will give you a near certain determination of downs. Often women are given c___ppy odds but then they do a CVS or amnio and their odds improve tremendously. Hold off on any more worrying until then. You've already stated that you plan to keep your baby no matter what. I think that often people are afraid of downs because they don't really know what it is or what to expect. Search this website or the web in general to read a little information from mothers of babies or children with down syndrome. If you become a little more informed you may not be so afraid. I'm sorry you are going through this worry and uncertainty, I wish you all the best. If you feel up to it, please let us know how the CVS goes.


nicdel - May 15

thank you for all your comments they have made me feel a little better it's not the worry of having the baby with downs as i have worked with children with special needs and profound learning disabilities since the age of 17 i am fully aware of all the down sides as well as all the positives and the support channels that are out there for us if we need it, what concerns me the most is that the doctor said that she would be surprised if the baby will last until next week thats what scares me because we want it so bad and everything else looks so normal it just doesn't seem real.and i just hate the waiting me and my partner are trying to keep occupied but i cant work as i just break down in tears whenever i speak to someone.


Kristin72 - May 15

On my last pregnancy..I too was told my baby had a high NT..and they thought I would possibly eventually miscarry the baby. I did in fact have a missed miscarriage and I found out the day I went in for my CVS. My NT was 4.O..they had also noticed fluid collecting around it's abdomen. Fetuses develop extra fluid as a defense mechanism to try and protect itself from the possible infections or defects in the particular pregnancy..that is why even as humans when we develop infections our bodies natural defenses often will create access fluid around the problem area as well. A fetus can be vulnerable to so many things..Often with excess fluid this mean heart problems or DS or some other chromosonal defect etc... I really hope that your CVS will indicate a more postive outcome for you..The number 11for the NT is very high..but your little one just may have the strength to get beyond this and be just fine...Remember the prenatal screening tests are soft markers for problems ..whereas CVS can give you definitive results for any problems..I hope you and your little one have enough strength to endure this trying time...Remember there is always hope!! I wish you all the best!! Good Luck!! Xo Kristin


nicdel - May 16

well got my results early today baby definitely has downs syndrome but still have to wait over 1-2 weeks for other results to come back me and my partner are ok had scan baby heart beat still strong i just hope baby will survive pregnancy. Just need to know severity of downs and if any other diagnosis will be there as we want to go ahead 100 % as long as he/she is healthy and can have a good quality of life which i know we can provide.


annishel - May 16

nicdel, you and your partner must be truly amazing individuals. They say that G0d gives to people what they can handle - clearly he knew what he was doing with you! I pray for the health of you and your baby!. I really have tears in my eyes reading this thinking how opposite my post would be...well I cant even finish the thought. Keep us updated.


MellyMel - May 16

Nicdel~God will bless you and your baby!!! Please have faith. You conceived this baby for a reason. I'm so happy that I did not read that you are aborting now. You are truly an inspiration to all pregnant woman. Well, you are to me anyways. Hubby and I said if we had the same thing, we are still having our baby too!! Nothing would make me abort this living beating heart inside me, nothing!! I hope your baby is strong enough to make it through and I'm sure the doctors will have more info for you soon. I hope the severity of d/s turns out to not be that bad, and again, God bless you both.



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