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To everyone - November 6

There has been a lot of complaints about the category of 'pregnant over 35'. A lot of younger ladies take issue with it, and that's a bit unfair to those of us who ARE over 35 and needed a place of our own to discuss our issues. There are many categories on the site that are far more suitable for some of the things that get posted there. Now, here is the solution. If you do not find a suitable forum category, or you think there is enough need for a new one under a specific topic, such as 'high risk pregnancy' or 'high risk pregnancy testing' - which does not put an AGE on it - all you need to do is contact the website via email and request a new category! That is how a lot of the categories get started, including the one in question. It was requested because a reader saw no other place suitable or specific for women over 35. My point is to make you all aware that all you need to do is request a new category instead of complaining about the ones here.


L - November 6

There are many different categories made available on this site. Yes, I do believe that we need this category. Any one is welcome to use it! Once you hit 35 you joined the "Advance maternal age club". Therefore experiencing the same procedures and fears that being a member of the club brings your way. It would be nice to see the complaining have a thread of it's own. Supporting each other is what it really comes down to.


keep feeding it - November 6

If you don't respond when wothers post threads that relate to age, teens, etc. they will go away. But its when people feed it by responding negatively to these threads. Just ignore them and post you're q's and comments and your threads. If you don't like what you read, you can "poor taste it"-just a thought as to solve the problem.


thanks - November 6

for the info, I didn't know that you could request new categories :)


Kimberley - November 7

I totally agree with the message starter. I am 36, and it is nice to have our own catergory, to share experiences etc etc. There is plenty of room in other catergories for everything else :)


Jackie - November 8

I am 27 yrs old but I do agree that this category is necessary,,,,there are more risks & precautions when you are over 35...whcih is the doctor office asks this. I dont know why people need to complain...



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