Frustrated And Honestly Depressed

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roxy - October 25

Been ttc for awhile now. Had one pregnancy and then miscarried. Been using ovul kits but that hasn't worked. 26 day cycle so day 12 should be it. Get pos reading on day 11 every month (then s_x for 3-days)but still not preg. Husb has problems performing too many nights in a row, so that compounds the problem. And my age is a factor. QUESTIONS: Can the Ovul pred kit be wrong? Could I ovulate earlier that day 12 or even later? Maybe I'm not testing enought...??? Thank you for your time.


COL - October 25

Hi, the ovulation kitd did not work for me too, I had a 26 days regular period, and I got pregnant 2 times, the first end up with a miscarriage, and now I am pregnant and my due date is October 30th, that means 5 days to go: ). Both times I conceived it was CD 10, and the ovulation kits would give me positive CD 14. if I wear you I would not count on them. Oh and by the way I am43 years old, thought that might give you hope. Good luck.


roxy - October 25

Thanks COL! You have made me feel much better! Congrats to you and a healthy baby!


MNMOM - October 25

rroxy-maybe your eggs are releasing before they are mature enough to be fertilized? Not sure how common this is, but depending on your age and how long you have been ttc, I would get some fertility help.


MNMOM - October 26

roxy - how old are you? if you are "advanced" (in speaking fertility related) maybe you are still ovulating but don't have viable eggs left? Just trying to brainstrome could have some testing done to determine the egg quality


Val - October 26

How long have you been ttc? And how old are you? You might want to get some tests done (like MNmom suggested)... check your FSH and progesterone levels for starters. And have dh's sperm tested. It's not necessarily bad if dh can't perform constantly... it may give his sperm more time to build up. Good luck to you... (fyi... it took about a year after my mc before I conceived again... I think my issue was low progesterone.)


redmondsky - October 26

Hey Roxy - have you had all the tests to make sure your tubes are open - etc? I am 42 and we are pregnant due beginning of december. My tubes were blocked and we had surgery back in january to b__w them open (we were lucky as they were that a word?) - then my doctor didn't waste any time and put me on clomid - smallest dose and we got lucky with a pregnancy after only two cycles....have you used a BBT? I THOUGHT I was ovulating on day 14 but it turned out it was day 16 - the only way I discovered this was using the thermometer.....I found the predictor sticks didn't show my true ovulation day but the BBT did...those are my two cents! Hang in there - if you have not already - find a great OBGYN you trust and like...that will go a long way too....


BKA44 - November 12

The ov kit did work for us, but I have a friend who's 40 TTC and she was SURE she knew when she was ovulating, tried the kit and was way off. She was ovulating a lot earlier, so yes, test earlier, esp since your cycle is shorter. Don't give up!!


dreamers9999 - November 27

Hi everyone, I have never been on a chat forum so I am new to all of this. Being new to this, I do find it to be very supportive. I am going to be 39 and I do not have any children. I have had 2 miscarriages and one being just last year. I have been trying to conceive for over 10 years. I have gone through all the testing and surgeries to have blockage removed and the dye thing as well. I am ovulating and my BF has also been tested and all is good. My doctor as a last resort has just put me on clomid because he said that maybe I have poor quality eggs. He said I have unexplained fertlity. I have finished my first round of 3 months supply. I am on day 17 and I think I have already ovulated or in the midst of ovulation (as I have been having very bad cramping and feeling sick to my stomach over the past 4 days). I am in good spirits that the clomid will produce better quality eggs and that I will be able to conceive again. Has anyone else had unexplained fertility and on clomid and were able to conceive.


MNMOM - November 27

Dreamers- I have 2 beautiful sons thanks to clomid. I am "only" 32, so age was not a factor for me, but getting my eggs to release and also to release at the right time, was a problem. The cramping you describe is a great ovulation sign. Try a HPT in 2 weeks and see what the result is. Good luck, I hope clomid works for you too!!


dreamers9999 - November 27

Hi Mnmom, that is really good to hear. I know I do ovulate regularly as per my previous test results at the doctors office. But I cannot say that I have felt this sort of pain around ovulation. Could very well be the clomid though to. I certainly have my fingers and eyes crossed on these upcoming attempts (being on clomid seems to be getting my hopes up).


roxy - November 27

Thanks ladies for the support! Tried again this month. Used kits but did not rely. Regular s_x for 7-days (day 8-15) and monitored cervical mucas and how my body was feeling. Should know in 10-days or less. Seen an OB. Blood work and physical look good. She doesn't want to do anymore tests just yet. I'm 34, which seems to be more concerning to me than it is to her. QUESTION: Dreamers9999 mentioned cramping. I had some cramping on day 16 followed by diareah. Out of nowhere and then gone. That's not a typical sign of ovulation, is it?? Hope not.


[email protected] - November 29

Personally I have never really felt any different when I ovulate. However this time I most certainly did (at least I think I was). I would imagine the really bad cramping and painful backaches are probably due to the clomid as I have never felt this way before when I ovulated.


MNMOM - November 29

Dreamers-it is common to feel cramping when using clomid, as it hyperstimualtes your ovaries. This is a normal side effect of clomid. Woman who do not take fertility meds like clomid usually cannot feel ovulation or ovary sensitivities. I had cramping so bad from the clomid there were times I could not move or even walk. That was a little scary but again all normal. Good luck to you and let us know how it turns out!


dreamers9999 - November 29

Thanks MNMOM, I agree that it is the clomid as the more and more I read the more information I get. My Doctor did not really give me much information about clomid nor is he monitoring it, just gave me the 3 months supply and to come back in Feb. I am new to this, so I really do appreciate all the advice and support.


MNMOM - November 29

Dreamers- If your doctor is not monitoring you while you are on clomid, than I think that is highly irresponsible. You should not be given 3 months supply and then just "left alone". Clomid can be dangerous in the sense that as I said, it hyperstimulates your ovaries, which means that in an extreme case you could have a burst ovary. Now, I imagine that he put you on the lowest dose? God I hope so. Are you on 50 mg?? Also, you should be monitored so that you can see how your ovaries are responding to the drug. I have done this twice as I said with 2 different drs and was carefully monitored each time. I am not trying to scare you but WOW maybe you should consider somebody who can give you the care you deserve....are you seeing a family dr or an ob or a fertility specialist ob or what? Just curious.


dreamers9999 - November 29

Yes the doctor gave me 50mg for 3 months and to come back in Feb 2008. I did not really realize all the stuff about clomid that is why I came on line to see what other people go through. Because as I said I had been having bad cramping, back pain and vomit feelings. My doctor is a Gyne, so I a__sumed he knows his stuff and if there was any concerns he would have told me. I now only have 2 months left of it, next week I will see if AF comes. I hope from hearing what you are saying that I do end up pregnant so I do not have to take them any longer. I am now going to call his office though, because you are obviously right and have experienced htis and I should ask him to monitor me. I appreciate all your advice and this forum is great for support. Thank you all



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