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Debi - August 22

Hi, I'm just wondering if anyone has had a genetic ultrasound and what it will show and when it is usually performed? I am scheduled for one @ 20 weeks. Good luck to you all :)


Laura - August 23

I am 35 but will be 36 when the baby is born. I just had the genetic ultrasound done last week at 13 weeks and it isn't that big of a deal. They measure from head to rump, they count heartbeats to make sure that the heartbeat is ok, and then they measured the amount of fluid that is found below the spine just under the skin. Apparently, if there is too much fluid in that area, it is an indication of Down's or other genetic abnormalities. I also had some blood tests done that test for the different Trisomys and I added one that tested for cystic fibrosis. I got the results in less than a week so that was cool. Everything looks good with me and I am sure that all will be great with you and your baby!! It was actually kind of cool because the ultrasound Dr. took quite a bit of time to explain the procedure and go over what she was looking for. She gave us a chance to really see the baby and the movements, and the hands and little feet. Too awesome!! I was also told that my baby was a boy so here's hoping that she was right!! Best of luck to you!


Jasmine - August 23

Hello, please don't get confused at a "genetic U/S" I believe what Laura is describing is a Nuchal Fold Translucency Test. There is a difference between that and the Level II U/S. The level II u/s is usually done around 18-22 weeks and they look for abnormalities by measuring and examining. The NFT, measure just the space behind the neck, checking for fluid. It is just a screening and is done along with a blood test. The results come back as statistics as to what the chances are that the baby will be born with Down Syndrome, Trisomony 18 and others. The NFT test needs to be done b/t I believe 11-14 weeks. I had mine done at 12weeks and it came back looking pretty good considering I am 40yrs. I hope this helps clarify some of the tests we can receive.


mother777 - August 24

hi jasmine did you have a amino, or will you be having one. i had that other test done for afhpa-beta test and the results came back high. i was told that was because of my age which is 39. not to mention that i had that test about three weeks ago at 16 to 17 weeks.


Debi - August 24

Hi ladies, thank for your replies. The doctor has me scheduled for the genetic u/s because of "advanced maternal age" (I wanted to cry when he said that) I will be 35 next month and am due in Feb. I did have a Level II u/s with my last pregnancy (I was 31 when I delivered) but he said that this is different then that. I don't know if the difference is what they are looking for or what. Even on the sheet that he gave me to take with me it had the level II and genetic u/s in different spots to be checked. I'm trying to avoid the amnio if at all possible, but should this u/s show something then we will discuss it. The AFP test is a normal pregnancy blood test, I've had it will all my kids. What I'm going for this time is the maternal serum screen 4, which includes the AFP in it. I don't think that I had it with my last pregnancy. I'm going to look it up later, I don't go for the test until week 16, which is in another week and a half. Good luck to all of you and may we all have HEALTHY, happy babies:)


K - August 29

I am 36 and will be 37 when the baby's born. I'm scheduled for the NFT test next week and very nervous!



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