Getting Pregnant Naturally At 43

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BrookeK - March 9

I'm actually writing for my aunt. She's 43 (she'll be 44 next month) and she's decided that she wants another baby! Unfortunately some people have told her that it's almost impossible to conceive naturally at "her age," which was really disappointing to her. Is it really "that" hard to get pregnant over 40? If it matters she's in really good shape and her hubby is 8 years younger so maybe that might help... ? Since my hubby and I are ready for a family, I was hoping that she and I could be pg at the same time!!! That would be so aweome! Thanks


KimMcCloud - March 12

I personally can not see it being a problem...but that's just from looking at my own family. Anytime before menopause seemed to be a good time for the woman in my family...LOL


lovemy3 - March 14

The best thing for her to do, is have some standard blood tests drawn, like FSH,LH,E2,TSH, Prolactin levels and then she will get a better indication of her ovarian reserve. good luck.


staceyellen - March 26

There is hope so tell your Aunt not to give up. It may take some time and then again, it may not. After 5 years of trying, I conceived - with the help of my hubby. I gave birth to a happy, healthy baby girl in April 2006 at age 43. I am now 44 and pregnant again. I am due in November. Blessings and best wishes to your aunt.


sahmof3 - March 26

My dh's mom had him when she was 43... and dh's sister just had her 3rd baby at 42.


jazzbunny - March 31

hi brooke - i am 44 and just found out yesterday that i am 7 weeks pregnant. so yes, it IS possible to conceive naturally (my boyfriend is 47, but we are both in good shape). i imagine quite a bit has to do with timing, among other things. wishing you both lots of luck.


conibere1961 - March 31

hi brooke im 44 and been trying for 3 years and alongs your aunt is still ovulating and her eggs are healthy there is no reason why she should not get pregnant.She could try doing a temperature chart so that she knows when she is ovulating which will increase her chances. good luck to both of you


intlbaby - April 1

I have two friends who got pregnant naturally, for the first time, at 44 or so. They both had healthy babies and did fine themselves, physically, emotionally, etc. One had an older husband, the other had a young boyfriend. It's definitely possible!


Lexus - April 10

Hi I am responding to your posting.. I am 8 weeks pregnant and 41 and married and we stopped trying when I was 40. and low and behold. 2 months now. all natural. and not sure I am ready ... and or very scared to rasie a baby at my age. but yes it is possible for her to have a healthy pregnancy.


deniseb - April 10

As some have stated here it really depends on her egg reserve. You can be the healthiest person on the outside but the eggs we have good and bad are there from birth and as we age the supply of course deminishes thus causing more of a chance of bad eggs to come forth. Some are luckier than others as seen on here.....................boy I wish that was me, I have had 4 mc's and one live birth (my DS is 5 yrs) I am 38 in June. Godd Luck to you and your aunt.


NancyGill41 - March 13

My husband and I have been battling to conceive a child for years now and I'm almost 40. Actually we've tried a lot of treatments already. Are you familiar with a book that talks about Chinese method of getting pregnant naturally even at 40 up. I've come across this blog last night from alissemotherhood at wordpress. 

 If you're familiar with this book/method please let me know your feedback and thoughts. Thanks



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