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Happy - September 12

There have been a lot of negative stories here about guys not wanting babies etc. I was wondering if any of you would like to share some good things about your expectant fathers? My hubby is being wonderful (so far) He's really excited about the baby coming and loves to shop for her. He went and got one of those baby back backs to carry her with hehe. He said I got my 9 months to carry her, so it will be his turn when she's here. I told him I'd make sure and remind him he said that!


kris A. - September 12

My hubby is also very excited and ready for his baby girl...she's due Nov 21... his first, although loves and is loved by my three daughters from first marriage. They are 14, 13 and 13 so he hasn't seen the baby stages yet and is so ready... we are really blessed.


B - September 12

My partner is extremely excited. He was dancing when he found out. He's been totally supportive and talking constantly about the "family" we'll be. And he's cheered me up after every one of my hormonal mood swings with affection. This is our first.


LC - September 12

My husband has been the greatest. Morning sickness has really knocked me off my feet and he has shouldered the vast majority of the cooking and cleaning burdens while I get the rest my body needs. We are just at week 13 now, and hopefully morning sickness is comming to an end.


swanofspeedy - September 12

My Husband is over the moon,even though we have been married for 18 and a half years and this is our seventh child to be,our eldest is almost 18 years and our youngest is almost 4 years,Bless all women and all our Babies.


Lena - September 12

My husband is very exicted! Every Friday night he looks at the pregnancy week-by-week sites and tell me and the dogs how our little "Cha Cha" (his name for it) is developing. While at Target on Saturday, I dropped him off at the game section while I shopped for laundry detergent, soap, etc. When we hooked back up he had a few gender-neutral outfits that he had picked out (and soo proud of himself) and also exclaimed that he now knew all about car seats. lol. My husband is significantly older than me. When we were ttc he worried that people would mistaken him for the grandfather, or think he was crazy for becoming a father of a child younger than his grandchild. It really makes me happy to see him so excited.


776 - September 15

My husband was happy at first but not so much excited. Pregnancy was unplanned and though we wanted kids the timing has made us rearrange a few other plans. But the excitement really kicked in when we had our first ultra sound and we saw the baby kicking it's little legs. My husbands eyes just lit up. It was the greatest to see. Now he regularily kisses my belly, and likes to just rest his hand there in case one of those kicks should soon be strong enough for us actually to feel it. For all those women who's husbands don't start out over the moon, just remember to stay possitive, and that connection will be made in time.


c - September 15

My husband has been very exited about the baby coming. I'm 37 and 31 weeks pregnant with our first; my husband will be 41 when the baby comes. We've been married 14 years and put off having children for a variety of reasons (education, finances, health insurance, etc.). He's been excited since day one of my pregnancy. He talks to the baby each night, rubs and kisses my belly each night too. For us, it's made a difference to wait until we were ready for a child. We're both more eager, willing, and I think mature to handle what comes our way since we're older. I also think we have a better perspective and appreciation on life in general due to our circ_mstances and various life experiences, and especially with having your first child when you're over 35 or 40.


mandy - September 19

c,you sound as if you have thought this through,as potential parents should,good for you.Happy,I am not pregnant,but have a very patient husband who has waited,and keep on waiting for me to say,"ok,lets try".He has stuck by me through so much,and we adore each other.He does everything for me,cook,does'nt agrue etc.I know that if I ever told him we were having a baby.after twenty yrs together he'd be estatic,he would be there for me,and help as he does now.He'ed come to the cla__ses,I'd be delighted that finally I have overcome my fear,and be happy for the right reasons,like he's the man I want to make a baby with,knowing he'd be a good father,because he;s a wonderful husband.Being together long enough to know what we feel about life,and how we would raise a family.Knowing now,that if anythig happened to him,I would always regret not having a child,what he's always wanted,but does'nt pressure me,he just waits for the right time.


honeysage - September 20

my partner is overjoyed, he has always wanted a family...he goes over the top taking care of me since we first found out. he loves telling people i'm pregnant and they he got to hear the heartbeat...he has picked out names, he also calls to check in on me when he's away and he is already talking about more kids. he tells me how s_xy i am and how each day i am more beautiful... this wasn't a planned pregnancy which has actually made it more of a blessing for us...


js - September 25

My sweetie - he's been there thru them all.. This is my 6th pregnancy with one live birth. We are currently 13 weeks pregnant and this morning he put his ear on my tummy and was telling the baby "good morning". I think this is an excellant forum as all you read on these things is how terrible men are and they don't do this, or don't do that. It gets distressing... I am not catered to, by any means, but my sweetie (in my opinion) is awesome!!


Clare - October 2

I would like nothing more than to tell you that my husband was excited. We tried for 4 years to get pregnant and, on our 3rd IVF attempt finally did! Now that we finally did it, he has nothing but contempt for me. I feel so lucky but I know I'm in this alone. If your husband is involved and excited, tell him how much it means to you - because there are a lot of women out there alone and hurting at a time that should be the happiest.


Wendy - October 3

After 11 years of trying, 3 miscarriages and testicular cancer we have finally succeeded in making it through the 1st trimester. To say my husband is excited is an understatement. I've been on bedrest for the past 3 weeks, w/a few more to go and my husband couldn't be any more supportive. He does it all - works full time, laundry, shopping, cooking, cleaning, waiting on me hand and foot and he never complains. He's an amazing man and I can't wait to see him with our child.



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