Gull Stones Or Kidney Problems

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Jennifer - September 15

has anyone had any of these while prego? I am having a pain under my left rib , have had kidney problem in the past, so bad i had to go on IV for a week at a time....Stress related..ex husband... went to docter said possible gull stones? have to go for u/s and possible surgery :( .how could this be healthy for baby? only 6 weeks prg.. kinda freaked out .


Lisa*9 - September 15

I had a kidney removed when I was 24 weeks pg w/my first. I also had a cat scan done. My son turned out healthy inspite of all what was going on. Dr can operate during weeks 13 to 24 weeks of pg and it is safe for the baby. I was scared of the unknown,but for being scared for my sonno what so ever theey had an ob there monitoring the baby. He slept the whole time. He never knew what was happening either.


r - September 16



jenn - September 16

hey lisa, thanks. i guess thats a good long term outlk. can i ask why your kidney was takin out? Did it have anything to do with baby?( please answer at your discression.) could have similar links to my pain.. thanks for the info.. really happy to hear it never affected the baby..:) ty. Jenn


Lisa*9 - September 17

cancer on the kidney found in baby ultrasoundat 19 or 20 weeks . No problem asking


christine - September 17

Jennifer, I was diagnosed with a gallstone at my 6 wk ultrasound. I haven't seen a OB


christine - September 17

Jennifer, I was diagnosed with a gallstone at my 6 wk ultrasound. I haven't seen a OB since to see if it should be removed now that I am in my 2nd trimester because I am currently overseas. From all indications, 2nd trimester is best time for kidney/gallstone removals. Wish you the best.


Jennifer - September 18

well good thing they got it out then Lisa.. glad to hear your ok now.. So christine are you getting it taking out? does it hurt under your rib? going in on the 29th ..for ultrasound.. good luck with yours as well..


Christine - September 20

Jennifer, it hurts occasionally and I wonder if it made my morning sickness actually worse --- nausea, especially. I will see a doc soon and consult. If it won't hurt the baby, I'll get it removed. Wishing you all the best


Chistine - September 20

I dont have a nausea i think every preg is different ,I have heart burn and burp quiet a bit. simliar to my first daughter.. just burn...two boys.. serious nausia. Id imagine they have to put you to sleep..wonder if that makes baby just sleep too? Like Lisas post? Not sure what makes it hurt there though.?? food the way i sit who knows.. only hurts a bit, once in awhile.......goin to dr today for 7 week check up. still early.. my be eptopic too never know.. take care ..Jen


Jenny - September 27

Dont freak out, i had my gall bladder removed and found i was pregnant in the same visit. my son was born fine, he is now almost 3 and we are expecting again. i have kidney stones also, but that pain is usually in your back, not under your rib.


jen - September 27

I have my ultasound on thurs, ill find out what is going on then,, thanks,good luck with your new babys..


laura - October 4

I feel your pain. I'm 6 1/2 months pregnant and about 3 weeks ago diagnosed with guill stones . At first they thought it was my appendix so the removed that, but it wasn't My doctors told me that there was nothing they could do untill after the baby is born and that the pain is just going to get worse. After I have the baby, and the swelling of the uterus goes down (about a month) then I go back into surgery. The best thing to do is watch what you eat. That means no greasy, fried, spicy, or fatty foods. I hope you like bloand foods. The doctors can prescribe you pain killers, but I would suggest hol;ding off on that if you can.


jennifer - October 6

Laura.. hey thats just wrong they removed your appendix, oh man.. I am feelin better i had a ultra sound they found nothing on it. I guess maye it was gas? horrible heartburn with this one..... or burbing other pain is nonexstant. but good luck to you.. poor you..:( Jen


Alison - October 11

I had a bad kidney infection for 3 weeks when I was about 18 weeks pregnant, I am 38 weeks now and everything looks fine.


Candy - October 17

Its not too bad cause I had the same thing done when I was 12 weeks pregnant. You go for an ultrasound kind of what you go for when you have a baby but for your stones. then if you do have them they have to be removed but its not really a big surgery its day surgery so your in and out the same day and beleive me you'll fel so much better. Its not that big really



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