Had My 1st IUI Yesterday A D The 2nd One Today Question

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Mommy_Wanna-Be!! - November 2

All went well yesterday. I am 35, andI went in for my first IUI and going back today for the 2nd one. We used a sperm bank. The donor we picked has had reported pregnancy.I have never been inceminated before. I took clomed 50mg for 5 days, Metformin 500 mg or over a week now, and a shot (forgot the name) the day before yesterday. I felt funny last night laying in bed wondering if the sperm had found my egg. Wierd huh?! I have to wait 2 weeks and 2 days to find out if I am pregnant. ANy signs I can look for in that time?! The waiting will kill me....thanks, and any extra baby dust can be blown my way.....I need it and WANT it bad! thanks


L - November 2

I also used a donor and the same procedure. It took me 10 cycles to become pg (10 may seem like a lot but each cycle has a 10% chance of conception so I was actually on target.) During the first 9 cycles I thought for sure I was pg and had all the early symptoms. Of course clomid and the other meds will also cause these sypmtoms after ovulation. It wasn't until my 10th cycle when I felt absolutely NO pregnancy symptoms during the 2 week wait that I was actually pregnant. The best advice I can offer you is to relax, remain positive, and take care of yourself during the next two weeks. I found the "Problems getting pregnant" room on this forum to be extremely supportive as they are others that underwent IUI on the same day and you can all wait together ....And I did the same thing as you too. Laid in bed and wonderered if conception had happened yet. I think its normal when you undergo IUI.


Judi - November 2

The first symptom that I noticed was that my b___sts became extremely sore and sensitive about 5 days after the IUI. It even hurt to take a shower. They also felt much heavier. The hCG trigger shot can cause the same symptom, but it probably wouldn't last as long. Also, if you start having cramps around the time that AF is due, don't get discouraged. The night before I tested positive (which was 13 days after the IUI), I had a lot of cramping and felt the exact same way that I always feel right before AF starts. It was a total shock to have a positive test the next morning.


Mommy _Wanna_Be!! - November 2

Did you all have infertile problems, or just decided to go IUI for another reason. I do not have fertility problems as every test turned out good. What are my chances of getting pregnant the first time? Thanks


Judi - November 2

I don't have any fertility problems, but my husband does. Many of his sperm are dead or slow-moving, and a lot of them are shaped abnormally and cannot penetrate the egg. Our chances of conceiving naturally were very slim (we found this out after trying for 3 1/2 years). The doctor said we had a 5% chance through IUI, but we wanted to try it before moving to IVF. Since they remove all of the dead/dying sperm before insemination, it increased the chances of a healthy one being able to reach the egg. My husband does have a very high overall count, so once the dead/dying sperm were removed, there were plenty left. Even though many were still abnormal, there were still some normal, healthy ones. I think I've read that, if there aren't any problems with the sperm, there's a 20% chance of conception per cycle.


Mommy _Wanna_Be!! - November 2

Thanks. I know the sperm after being cleaned and spinned was at a 10 million count. And I had pockets for ovulation. I keep wondering what my chances are of getting prenant. I do not want to get my hopes up, but I cant help but wonder,,,,,,,


L - November 3

I had no fertility issues. Tests were fine and hormone levels excellent. Our fertility issue is that my husband is older and had a vasectomy 20 yrs earlier so he had no viable sperm. Remaining optimistic throughout the process is the best advice I can offer. When af arrives its so easy to become discouraged and feel it will never happen. We kept telling ourselves that we will become parents. We don't know when or how, but it will happen. It will happen for you and your husband too.


Mommy_Wanna_Be! - November 3

Had the 2nd IUI yesterday and an ultrsound this morning showing i did indeed ovulate. Everything looks good. I have a blood test Monday Morning, but it is not the prgnancy test, it is for the blood thickness of the lining ( I forgot the name of it). Hope all goes well. Throw some baby dust my way!! I need it :>)



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