Has Anyone Ever Taken Psych Meds While Being Pregnant

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Amy t. - December 25

I have a Hx. of anxiety and have been weaning off of my meds for the past few weeks. I was wondering if anyone is dealing with this especially in the first trimester and being over 35?


suze42 - December 26

I have been on paxil since my DS4 was born, for anxiety. I weaned down to 10mg, which is almost nothing, before I got pg. It is suggested not to take it at all, but I had to weigh the pros and cons. I also have a scrip for Ativan/zanax, but I do not take that at all. Im a little nervous about the paxil, but the percentage of it affecting baby are very very low. And I know I need it with the hormone fluxes and the stress of being pg, having a son and not feeling well. Definitely talk to your Doc though. I have extensively. THere are some drugs that are a def. no no, others that are iffy and then some that are deemed okay.


Amy t. - December 26

Thanks for the info Suze. I have been weaning off my meds and am almost rid of all of them. But I am still nervous. Which meds have you heard are especially harmful for the baby? Thanks, Amy


suze42 - December 27

It seems alot of them do NOT have any significant testing on humans, just animals. I think they say prozac is "safe" but effexor, paxil are both Cla__s C, which says that adverse effects have been show in animals, not humans. Since I am a human, LOL, and taking a low dose, and theres no substantial findings...then I choose to be anxiety free. Im really confident me and baby will be fine. I will totally ween off before I deliver. Which shouldnt be hard since Im on only 10mgs. Also, no xanax or ativan type meds...I think those have shown mild birth defects on a small percentage of woman taking. You can check out all drugs on safefetus.com Good Luck ANXIETY SUCKS doesnt it! BTW my sil went thru a few pregnancies on effexor and her babies were great.


babymakes5 - December 28

Hi, I'm 40 and 16 wks pg. I'm bipolar and I was taking lamictal, lorazapam and wellbuterin. I weaned off all of them within about a week after finding out I was pg. I was told that the lamictal would be okay, but the lorazapam and wellbuterin were cla__s c (safefetus.com is where I get all my info from too) but I just decided to wean of all of them. So I've been off of them for about 2 months now and feel great. I sometimes have the anxiety issues of hyperventilating and stuff but luckily the episodes don't last long. I'm glad to be off all of the drugs and feel much better than I expected. If you can make it thru the 1st trimester without them, you're pretty much home free because the hormone surges get much better after that. Good luck!


suze42 - December 28

Babymakes5, Congrats! I admire you for weaning off meds. I tried today to skip one dose of paxil...man did i feel sick...but i did take like half. Im gonna see if i can do it in the next 2 weeks...Ill be in my second tri but better late than never. I was not on anything my first pregnancy, I remember mentally never feeling better...prob. b/c of the happy hormones! Anyway..good job! and good luck!


Amy t. - December 29

Thanks so much for all of your experiences while on and off meds. I actually went to a high risk doctor because of my age and hx of being Bipolar. The doctor felt that because of my anxiety and having two young children at home I should continue on a low dosage of Zoloft but I discontinued the Effexor and Lamictal. The doctor feels depending on the patient and weighing the risks to the benefits upon each person's situation. I really want to be med free but the way the doctor explained it to me I have to think about the undo stress I'll put on the baby if I'm anxious and also my kids will feel the repercusions of my anxiety. So for now I'm going to stay on low dose of meds and hopefully decrease when I feel better. Interestingly enough, with my other two girls I was fine without meds because the hormones kicked in and I felt great. I think because I just became 40 and am dealing with having to get an amnio and the concerns I have has not helped me cope well. But thanks so much for all your info and support... Amy


lilmomma2b - December 31

I have panic and anxiety attacks and I am an extremely nervous person. I took clonazepam which is a wicked nerve pill but I only took them when REALLY needed. Thankfully I hadnt had any for over a month before I got preggy but lately I've felt the ma__sive need for them. I asked the dr and she told me absolutely NO! She has put me on prozac and said it was safe and would relieve my anxiety.


suze42 - January 1

lilmomma2b, Does the prozac help the anxiety? I thought of switching from paxil...but the paxil works so well for me. Im trying to wean off but i get to about 5mg every other day and the dizzieness starts. I also recall what it was like the last time I had a really bad panic episode, it was after I m/c'd and it hit me like a rock..lasted for a few weeks and I was practically useless...i dont want to feel like that again...its so scary. So i may just stikc to my 10mg as a safety net.


lis ann - January 3

Amy, I, too have struggled with anxiety. I was taking 30 mg of Lexapro at this time last year. I was also taking birth control pills and going to a tanning bed once a week for some summer bronze to brighten my pale winter skin. Little did I know I was pregnant!! (prescription mishap) Upon realizing I was pregnant, I discontinued the bc pills and tanning. My therapist advised me to gradually reduce the Lexapro intake as I went through each trimester. By the time I delivered in September 06, I was taking 10 mg per day. I never stopped taking it. The mid-wives frowned upon this and told me to do some "soul searching." They said my baby would be jittery and nervous and go through withdrawal. Naturally, I felt like a horrible person- doing this to my baby. However, I simply cannot manage things without meds. My healthy son showed nothing in terms of withdrawal. I have been nursing and supplementing with a bit of formula. I feel that I am gradually weaning the Lexapro from his system. I have no regrets about remaining on a lesser dose of meds during my pregnancy. Here is a thought that my therapist discussed with me when I was going through the guilt of being on meds... He said, "Do you think being crippled with anxiety during pregnancy is good for the baby? Your body produces chemicals which have a major impact on your child. He/she takes the brunt of everything you feel." I never questioned it again after that. My therapist is a medical doctor and psychologist- double degree. I valued his knowledge of the meds far more than the mid-wives at the hospital on this one.


suze42 - January 3

Lis ann, bless you for your post! I too have decided to stay on my 10mgs...im just thru my first trimester..and each time Ive tried to wean down to 5mg or everyother day..I feel my old friend, anxiety, creeping up on me. Im so scared of being scared..so I decided im going to keep taking it. Its not even a "full dose"...so im hoping that makes a difference. Dont you think its interesting that they cla__sify these drugs as cla__s C, and there is no significant testing on humans? And that there are SO many woman on anxiety/depression meds, yet no one has taken the time to follow up their pregnancies w/some statistics? Im so perplexed by this. And I guess I feel until there is something more solid to grasp, then I need to keep my mental health in tact as much as my phsical health, for the baby and me. I may try to wean down again, when I deliver..just for the sake of trying. But if i feel badly, Im gonna stay on it. What would Mr. Cruise say to us?? LOL.


suze42 - January 3

some of those mid-wives are a little out there! (oops, sorry if anyone reading is a mid-wife....I said SOME of them) Dont forget that our health care advisors are afraid of malpractice...and our insurance companies are afraid of higher claims! Makes you wonder whose really coming up w/the unsubstantiated doom and gloom conclusions!


deniseb - January 3

Paxil is a bit iffy tests have shown minor heart defects but at a very low percentage. Wellbuterin is fine to take does not affect pregnancy at all.


lilmomma2b - January 4

suze42, Thats also the reason for my last "bad" attack, m/c in April and all through May I was such a mess I barely left the house. My ob/gyn just put me on the prozac last week because at 4 months preggy I have only gained 4 lbs. When I have these attacks, no matter how big or small, I cant eat. I am just so terrified I will lose this baby, like the last one. Anyhow the dr says prozac is "one" of the safe anxiety meds to take, its not had time to take the full effect on me just yet. But she has me on 20mg and said if its not helping she will increase it to as much as 40mg and thats where she thinks the baby is still completely safe. I told her plainly I do not want them if there is ANY chance of harming the baby, she a__sures me prozac is one the most effective meds for anxiety and safest for pregnancy. But Suze were all different on what works and what doesnt, paxil does not work for me, zoloft has ma__sive side effects, causes my migraines to be severe. So far with the prozac I can only say my headaches have stopped and I get them from stress. My first trimester was just pure hell for me, I was so touchy and just down right mean, now in my second trimester I'm running around telling everyone how sorry I am for acting like a big nag lol.


suze42 - January 4

lilmama, Im actually starting to regret a little that I didnt switch to somthing else or completely wean off the paxil. I just read online today that they are considering making it a cla__s D drug, meaning they have done tests on humans. The problem is in the first trimester...and Im at 12 wks. However...the percentage is only like3pct for a heart defect, meaning 97pct that all is okay...thats pretty good odds, but not sure I would have played them had I known. My doc tried to tell me and i think she was under the impression I was going to wean off completely...but I only got down to 10mgs...5mgs somedays which is virtually nothing..but stops the w/drawal yucks. SOOO, all i can do is hope..odds are on my side...i guess I should as her what I should do in the 2nd and 3rd trimester. Thanks for your help and story.. Ive never tried Prozac. I did try cymbalta and hated it...at first it was fine...but I had headaches and muscle twitches. Ohh...this darn anxiety.


kristina1980 - January 4

Hi ladies, I am not over 35, but I'm 6w preg. and I was on psych meds for last 3 years. I was taking paxil, very low dose 5-10mg for last half a year, and when I told my doctor I was pregnant she said BIG NO to paxil. They are founding more infos about it. Doc told me the first trimester I should be completely drug-free because the cells are dividing, and brain, heart is being created. So I stopped, and sofar it's ok. And definitely NO Xanax, and sleeping Rx pills.


suze42 - January 5

Great! now I really feel like c___p. am i the only one on pax and pg? THe normal %of baby having heart defect is 2%...on pax is 3%...so its only a 1% increase....I sure hope the docs are being over cautious in my case. I still am not sure I could have dealt w/the anxiety off of the meds...so maybe hopefully my decsion is okay. Like I need another thing to worry about?



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