Has Anyone Had Ectopic Amp Successfully Conceived After Metho

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Kristin72 - September 20

I just had a supposed ectopic. I fell pregnant again on my second cycle after my periods returned after childbirth. I am also still bf'ing a 9 month old baby. I was given methodextrate to shrink the embryo. Methodextrate is a very toxic drug which is baiscally chemo in smaller doses and stops rapidly dividing cells..it is also a folic acid inhibitor. My gyno told me I could ttc again 1 cycle after my periods return to normal. I have also heard that you should wait. For obvious reasons...like your body needs to heal properly. To make sure there is no remaining drug in your system that could cause birth defects..(even though the doc told me the drug leaves the body within 48hours.) But I was wondering if anyone has had success conceiving after an ectopic.? Did you have additional tests to see if everything was ok? I would like to ttc asap. I have had a few hard knocks. I just turned 40 a week ago..I have had a missed miscarriage, a miscarriage 2 D&C's from retained placenta & once after childbirth and the other after the missed miscarriage. I did conceive 2 cycles post D&C. I seem to get pregnant easily..I just seem to have problems with them I also had a very hard delivery where my epidural did not work. Anyway..those are other stories in themselves. So.. if anyone has had success with conceiving post ectopic/methdextrate.. I would love to hear from you. Thank you Kristin


Kristin72 - September 21



Kristin72 - September 24



cayingo - September 24

I'm sorry I can't help w/ your specific problem I have had 2 ectopics, but both mne ruptured (one on each side) leaving my tubes ineffective. I am now 16w pg after our 3rd attempt at IVF. IVF is the only way we'd be able to have another baby. I wish you tons of luck!


lovemy3 - September 25

kristen, Over on gthe pregnancy complication board there is a thred on this. Good luck. My scan for Downs is today, thanks for your support.xo


lovemy3 - September 28

kriten..did you find the thread?



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