Has Anyone Had Fibroids Or A Laparoscopy

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Tracy88 - May 15

I am 36 and have been TTC for a year and half....during a routine exam, my new doctor found two large fibroids and is going to do a sono to see if I need to have them removed. Have any of you ever had a laparoscopy? Did you have fibroids or anything else that may have been hindering conception that was resolved by a lap?? Your help would be greatly appreciated.


christa0120 - May 15

I do not nor have I had fribroids but I have had 3 laparoscopies. They are very simple and recovery is quick. I don't even recall needing pain killers afterwards... You need to see a really good reproductive endocrinoligist if you are ttc. A lot of GYNs will specialize in low level fertility but at 36 you may want to move onto the bigs dogs and do it right. Good luck...my 1st son was conceived via clomid and IUI.


Tracy88 - May 16

Thanks for your reply christa. I recently moved from an OB who did some of my testing to an RE, which is the person who found the fibroids. He is the best and charges top dollar, and apparently everyone gets PG while in his care, so I trust him. I am just scared of a lap causing scar tissue, etc....but wanted to hear first hand from women who experienced it and have children, I guess to ease my mind, and make the decision a little easier. I have been PG before, so I know I'm not completely infetile. I guess with the age factor and fibroids it's going to take more work than I thought. Thanks again!!


Tracy88 - May 16

Oopsie!! second to the last sentence is supposed to say "infertile".


Happy Me - May 16

YES! After trying to conceive for over 8 years, I had two fibroids removed on May 26 of last year. I am now 7 months pregnant. In a publication called Conceive, there was an article within the last year about how fibroids can keep you from being able to get pregnant. It was done under outpatient surgery, and I milked the recovery for everything my dear husband would do for me... but, truthfully, it was a little crampy feeling after and I was restricted to NO LIFTING for 3 days. Good luck!


Tracy88 - May 16

Thank you Happy Me! I am going to try to look for that publication.


vlw01 - May 17

Hi Tracy! Like you I was diagnosed with fibroids back in 2001 during a routine annual exam and actually chose to have an abdominal myomectomy to have them removed in 2002 because they were so large (and conventional therapy - ie birth control seemed to be causing them to grow faster in my case). Because of my desire to have children in the future, my ob sent me to an infertility specialist who was wonderful. As part of the work up, we did an HSG (where they shoot die through the tubes to see if they were blocked) and both were! But again, one of the fibroids was large enough that was a suspected cause.... At any rate, I was 38 at that time. I'm now 42 and in my 3rd month and we just actively started trying to conceive naturally a few months ago. I m/c'd in October and then found out we were pregnant again in March and pregnancy is going perfectly! You may want to request an HSG if they haven't done one already, Although I was disappointed to see my tubes blocked, it was very informative in that I could also clearly see the fibroids and it really set us on a course of action! Everything will turn out great! God bless. Valerie


Happy Me - May 17

vlw01 --- What a coincidnence... My name is also Valerie, I am also 42, had fibroids removed, but I am 7 months pregnant!


Tracy88 - May 17

vlw01--is there a reason you chose an abdominal myomectomy as opposed to laparoscopic? I had an HSG done in February and my tubes were all clear. The doctor did say he thought he saw a dark spot on my uterus and suggested a lap if I did not get PG soon, and that is when I changed doctors and started seeing this specialist. Your responses have made me feel better about getting the lap if it is deemed necessary. I'm just so down that this is just now being discovered and my husband has been itching for a wee one, probably worse than me. I thank you and wish you guys all the best with your pregnancies.


ThePezChick - May 17

I found out at a 5 week ultrasound that I had "a" fibroid. At about 12 weeks or so I started having a terrible pain and found a huge "lump" by my right pelvic bone. I went to the OB GYN and found out through another ultrasound that the fibroid had grown due to my increase in hormones. At 17 weeks I had a level 2 ultrasound and found out I had 5 fibroids instead of 1. The pain from all have subsided now that they've "degenerated". They did not hinder my conception at all obviously. Sooooo... good news is that you can conceive with fibroids. I was never aware I had them until I got pregnant.


vlw01 - May 17

Happy Me - wow! That is a cool coincidence! Can't wait to be where you are! Tracy88 - First of all, the fact that your tubes are clear is awesome. You are in a better position than I was. I think given the size, location and the fact that the fibroids were (or potentially were) blocking the tubes, the myomectomy in my case was a better option both from a time and complexity perspective. I'm definitely not a medical professional but my guess is that since your tubes are clear, the fibroids may be positioned such that lap is better for you. It may also have something to do with recovery time since you guys are anxious to concieve (that wasn't an immediate concern when I was diagnosed - pregnancy was something in the future). I would also guess the recovery (for conception) is shorter with a lap procedure. I think you're fortunate. Although I was up on my feet within a few days with minimal pain, the whole process was a lot more c_mbersome than what you may have to experience.... When will you have the sonogram and when will you make a decision on if surgery is necessary?


Tracy88 - May 18

Hey Vlw01.....the sono is scheduled for May 31st and I think the doctor will know at that time if surgery is necessary. I have been in increasing pain since my intrav____al ultrasound last Monday, almost two weeks ago, so I have a bad feeling that I will have to do something. I have given this pain enough time to go away and it only seems to be more and more bothersome, so I am going to call their office tomorrow and see what, if anything, they can do for me. I have had cramps, twinges, and lower back pain since November, but now it is worse than ever. I think knowing why I have the pain makes it more prominent, as well as, the fact that they were rubbing all against them. Anyway, thank you so much for your input. It was extremely helpful to know why you chose abdominal, as opposed to laparoscopic surgery.


vlw01 - May 22

Tracy88, Sorry to hear you've been in so much pain and discomfort. I never had that kind of pain a__sociated with my fibroids and I agree that seeing the doc is always the best bet. Please keep us posted on the results of your sonnogram. You will be in my prayers. Valerie


Happy Me - May 23

Tracy88 -- I found my copy of Conceive that has the article about fibroids and getting pregnant in it... It is Fall 2005. It is definately worth looking at.


miraclebaby - May 23

Tracy88, I had a laparoscopy done and had also had two polyps removed that were in my uterus. I am now 34 weeks. after 13 yrs of trying. Good luck to you . They told me when something is in the uterus it thinks an egg is implanted and the uterus will not fertilize anything while those are in there.


aalexand - May 23

Hi Tracy88 I'm 16wks pregnant and have to small fibroids and at 8wks i started spotting and bleeding i went to the ER and was told i was having a miscarriage but come to find out that the bleeding was caused by the fibroids and that the baby was okay. I had very bad abdominal pains. Well at 12wks the bleeding stopped but i do still have the abdominal pain from time to time i'm actually experiencing it today. But all is well with my little one. My fibroids is small and i here that it's best not to bother them unless your DR sees a need to but women who have fibroids have healthy babies everyday. I really did alot of reading up on this so everything should be well women with fibroids conceive everyday!!!!!!


Tracy88 - May 24

Thanks for all of your input ladies, I sooooo appreciate it. The only reason my doc will consider doing the lap is if he thinks the fibroids are hindering conception or will grow to be a danger to a developing fetus. My sister has small fibroids when she got PG after age 35, and almost lost her baby midway through her pregnancy because they had grown and were causing problems due to their location. The doc just wants to know specifics before getting me pg because one is already two inches in length and they grow when you get pregnant. I'll keep you posted on the sono...it is next Wednesday, the 31st. Thanks again.



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