Has Anyone Had Their Hands Or Palms Turn Red

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Dee71 - June 15

I am 34 wks and for the last two weeks my palms are very RED strange right!! Well I have had some pain and numbness in my right hand that comes and go but the redness is constant. what could this be??? THANKS


miraclebaby - June 16

I do not know maybe ask the doc. My fingers get red once in a while and then it just goes away, I guess your body just does strange things when pregnant


Dee71 - June 16

I asked my DR he said it's my hormones.I was just wondering because everything in this (4th) pregnancy is hormone related. I havn't had any major health problems Thank God but I have had all kinds of strange little ones.I had what I felt was a sinius infection it was pretty bad DR. said relax take some sudafed.I told him I felt really bad but no meds just sudafed. ok. Then about a week later my bloodwork came back with high white blood count . he calls and says I must have a bad infection in my body (you don't say). Then I get thrush from the meds. Its crazy I feel like he isn't listening or he thinks I'm over reacting. I hate that this is my fourth pregnancy and I not really worried about anything . I wish I could change docs but I have to have a c- section and I'm already 34 wks. Oh well sorry about the ranting I guess I' m venting . Thanks a bunch for the advice and for listing!! How are things for you??? Take care!


miraclebaby - June 18

I am great thanks for asking, you know I was thinking after I typed this to you, I got really dry skin in my third trimester , elbows, legs hands , everything is drying out bad on me, doc. says hormones. I only have four days to go and I am being induced. Yipeeeeeeee


Dee71 - June 18

Wow that's great ! I hope things go well for you .I mean I hope things are as easy as they can be.Why are you being induced? Do you know what you are having? I can't wait for my big day! I have a c-section to look foward to on July 14. I can't wait but I hate being in the hospital.Take Care, BEST WISHES let me know how you are doing when you can!!



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