Has Anyone Rented Or Bought A Doppler

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Kristin72 - May 3

After my IPS tomorrow..if everything seems ok..I was considering renting a doppler so I can check on the heartbeat of the fetus from time to time. Does anyone know if these rentable devices actually work..and/or do you think it could just add to ones stress level..checking on the heart of the baby? I think it could be fun and interesting to hear it as your baby progresses. Also, if there was ever a problem with spotting or uncertainty etc..you could make sure the heart was still beating.You do need a precription from a doctor before renting the device. So I will probably discuss it with my GP. If you have had any experience with these home doppler devices I'd love to hear about them? Or if you are considering getting one yourselves..let me know. I live in Toronto..I have seen them online from the States as well as in Toronto..the prices are about the same. Thanks, Talk to you soon. Kristin


annabanana - May 3

hi kristin, i had my ips today and everything seemed to be okay. Good luck tomorrow and let me know how it goes, I am sure you will be fine and yes please anyone let me know about doppler i also live in Toronto and would be interested. Good luck Kristin


Perl - May 3

Hi Kristin! I've heard of people renting them and think it's a great idea! I might consider getting one myself but I can see myself wanting to check more often than is normal and I'm afraid I would stress myself out more than anything. If I was spotting I would be more inclined to get one I think--it would cut back on unneccessary worry to hear a heartbeat and know everything is still okay after hearing a heartbeat. Will be anxious to hear about your IPS after it's done.


ThePezChick - May 7

I just rented one today. It should be here by Tuesday or Wednesday. I'll let you know how it works and what we think of it.


Kristin72 - May 9

Hi PezChick, Did u have to get a note from your doctor in order to get one? Most of the sites I have looked at ask for a note to be able to order...would love to hear how it works? Kristin :)


Perl - May 10

Hi! I just saw an ad for doppler device renting for $18 a month. The ad said if you're in the US they needed a Dr's name and fax number so they could fax a form to the Dr "per FDA requirements". I guess we can't get one without ha__sling with getting Dr. approval.


ThePezChick - May 10

I said once I got it in I'd post to let you guys know what I think. As I've said previously, I seem to freak out periodically or at the very least feel anxiety at times worrying that little Zeb is still alive since I'm not far enough along to feel lots of movement. My husband and I decided to go ahead and rent a baby doppler so I wouldn't have to worry anymore. I got it today and I'M SO GLAD I RENTED IT! I heard my son's heartbeat today and feel so much better. I rented it from Babybeat.com. I got the lowest priced one, which worked just fine, for $22 a month for a three month rental. I'd highly recommend it if you're like me and seem to worry needlessly at times. (I work with preschoolers with disabilities and have a very physical job. I've been hit in the stomach several times. Hence the reason for my worry.) They asked for my doctor's name and phone number, but I didn't have to get any kind of note or anything.


annishel - May 11

I am thinking about just buying one - seen some for as low as $60 - nowhere near as good as babybeat though. I live overseas, so cant rent, and wont pay $400-500. Anyone have any opinion about the lower priced versions? Thanks


Kristin72 - May 11

Hi PezChick..thanks for all your info on the doppler..I too rented one from babybeats.com too on your suggestion!! Can't wait till I receive it! P.S. how far along are y ou PezChick? XO Kristin


ThePezChick - May 11

I'm 19 weeks today. :) I love it! What about you?


Kristin72 - May 11

I am 12 weeks 1 day or in my 13th week if you are a doctor. I can't wait to get my doppler. How long did it take to receive yours? I just got back from my prenatal screening tests..everything was just great! I am very pleased about this..wiping my forhead from the sweat from worrying. Hope you are doing just great..how do you feel at 19 weeks? Take Care Kristin


ThePezChick - May 11

I paid the extra $7.00 to get it in 2 days. I dig it! I've called my parents, brother, etc. to let them listen to the heartbeat. It's amazing how everyone has reacted to it. My mom burst out in tears. Glad to hear about your screening! Awesome news! I had my level 2 ultrasound and got the results of my AFP. All showed no signs of a disabilitiy. At 38 and my first pregnancy, that was a huge relief! Hoping your pregnancy continues as well as mine. At 19 weeks things rock! I'm getting big no doubt, but my mood is great, I feel incredible, and I'm really enjoying the pregnancy. I will say that around 17 weeks or maybe a little earlier I had some pain due to a fibroid (which actually turned out to be 5 fibroids) and ligaments stretching, but that only lasted about a week to a week and a half. Where are you? (Location) When are you due?


Kristin72 - May 11

Hi PezChick! It's so nice to hear you enjoying your pregnancy! I live in Canada so I had to pay 35$ for delivery which sucks..but I can not wait to get mine either..just a great re-a__surance. My due date is suppose to be Nov 21st if you go by my last period..but they measure my fetus as 4 days earlier..so who knows..I guess it would all depend on when I ovulated exactly. I am also 38 and this would be my first child if all goes well!! I am just a little potty around my abdomen but other than that not showing too much but I feel great!! Things are good..praying everything stays this way..I have a good feeling about this one!! XO Kristin


Kristin72 - May 12

Just received my doppler!!! It only took a day. I have arleady tried it out and heard my little one beating strong. The quick heartbeat which sounds almost like a horse galloping was heard just above my pubic bone dead centre..for anyone else who considers getting one and is still early in their pregnancy that is where you can hear it sometimes..as the pregnancy progresses the instrument would go in closer to your abdomen under you navel. But there is instructions which guide yu and also a cd to listen to so you know what the different sounds indicate. This doppler is fantastic!!! worth every penny...I totally recommend it. You can also record ..and download it to your computer for future reference or send it to family if they are interested. Thanks again for referring Babybeats.com. Great product!! XO Kristin :)


Perl - May 12

Hey Kristin that sounds like fun--to be able to listen in on your baby whenever you feel like it. You sound like you're in better spirits, like your old self again. I hope this means you're starting to feel a lot better now.


Kristin72 - May 12

Hi Perl, Yes I am feeling much better..many of my symptoms are much better..I am about 75% back to normal..but with my new doppler it gives a the little kick I needed. Thanks..talk to you soon K


ThePezChick - May 13

Kristin, so glad you got the doppler and are having fun with it. It does provide so much rea__surance. I didn't feel Zeb last night or this morning like I normally do so I just got up and checked to make sure he was cool. Have you noticed sometimes you lose the heartbeat... that you have to keep moving the doppler around to hear it continuously. I'm a__suming that my little monster is just doing gymnastics in there. Also, glad to hear things are going well and that you're almost back to normal. I'm loving the pregnancy now too!



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