Has Anyone Tried IUI And Had Success

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Michelle - June 29

Hi, has anyone tried IUI and got pregnant??? I am getting a bit worried that maybe Clomid will not work for me so am thinking of alternatives.


Jen - June 30

I am 37 am am now 9 weeks pregnant, thanks to IUI. I did not use clomid - I had ultrasounds that showed that I ovulated every month. My problem was apparently anti-sperm antibodies which meant that I needed IUI to get the sperm into my uterus, past the "hostile" cervical fluid. It took three tries, but the third one was a charm! Best of luck to you!


L. - July 1

I had an IUI and worked on first one.. I ovulated on my own, had been pregnant 4 times before this (all natural and on each cycle we TTC) and extensive infertility testing for both of us yielded no answers. I believe (my theory) is I can ovulate early and the follicles were not maturing fast enough. Although for the IUI I still ovulated early, I think the medicine matured the follicles faster than on my own. My own theory here too but I don't think the IUI (insemination part) per say did the trick. DH and I fooled around 3 days before ovulation and we are having a baby girl.. these are my theories- good luck!


Michelle - July 1

Thanks so much Jen and L I will see how I go this month on the Clomid and then ask my ob if I can give IUI a go!!!!


Helen - July 2

I am new here but read many messages all day long. What is an IUI please. thanks , Helen


Helen - July 2

Hi Helen, IUI is artificial insemination. They give you an injection to make you ovulate and then insert your husbands sperm.


L - July 5

Michelle, I should say that we skipped clomid (used clomid for the clomid challenge and said would never use again) and went to injectibles- it seems like it's an insurance thing- to start off with clomid-


Marci - July 6

I am thinking about the injectibles. I have tried Clomid. One miscarriage and one chemical pregnancy. Can anyone share their experience regarding the injectibles?. Did it result in a pregnancy? Multiples? and how many tries did it take to get pregnant. Thanks


Judi - September 27

I did IUI with injectibles (Follistim 100 IU per day for 6 days) and I got pregnant the first time. I produced at least two eggs, maybe three, but only one was fertilized. I'm now 8 1/2 weeks and everything looks good so far. I was ovulating normally, but the doctor recommended using the Follistim so that I would produce more eggs and increase our chances of conception. It worked!


to Marci - October 14

I did injectibles after 5 days of 100mg of clomid, had 4 large follicles, did iui and not pregnant. on 2nd cycle now.good luck


MR - October 14

I tried IUI 4 times....no success...


mother777 - October 14

i was curious do you have to pay for it out of your pockets, or do insurance cover it


Raven - October 14

I am 42 and 28 weeks pregnant - from my first iui with clomid 50 mgs days 5-9. I have a short LP, that is why I was put on clomid. Good luck.


Judi - October 15

Mother777, it depends on your insurance policy. Our current insurance paid all costs except for a $30 copay per visit and a $15 copay for each medication. A lot of insurance plans don't cover any fertility treatments, though.



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