Have Any Of You Considered A Baby After This One

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MommyAgain - May 12

My boys are 16 and 20. The oldest lives on his own and we don't see him much. Hubby and I were just considering whether or not to try for another soon after this one so he or she would have a sibling to grow up with. I would absolutely love to if it's possible for us. This one is somewhat of a miracle to us because I hadn't even had a period since the middle of last year. We feel so blessed, I hope it's not too greedy to pray for another miracle soon ;) I also wonder.. how soon could one try again after having a baby?


Happy Mommy - May 12

I would have as many babies as the Lord gave me!


melanie - May 12

I am also trying.. my kids are 21, 18, and 12. It is always a blessing when a child is born... If I were you, I would try ASAP because the older you are (over 40) the less eggs you produce so its gonna take a while. I've been trying and have not been successful.. I'll be starting my first dose of Clomid next month.. Baby Dust to you!!!


Happy Mommy - May 12

A woman is born with all the eggs she will ever have. That is what I have learned anyway. We do not 'produce' eggs the way men produce sperm.


Lisa - May 12

I have already told my husband i want another baby, we have a 3 month old baby. I feel the same way, i would like her to have a brother or sister to grow up with. (she only has half sisters and brother) I will be 40 in 2 months and would feel truly blessed to be able to conceive and produce another beautiful baby at this age. My husband doesn't seem too keen on the idea, maybe i am just being selfish. :o(


Tammy - May 13

NO!! With a capital N. By the time this baby graduates from school I will be on social security (maybe). My mother was a grandmother at a younger age than I am now.


LEI - May 14

As the saying goes....One and done! I will be so blessed and happy to have one healthy and happy child. I think there are benefits to having an only. You have to do what works for you.


Virag - May 16

I'm an only child and it's terrible! When I was child I had only my friends to play with - I was kind of lonely most of the times and I didn't enjoy ANY family programs. Now, as an adult I feel even more lonely because I have no one to talk to about problems for example my parents are getting old and I need to take care of them myself. I encourage everybody to have more than one - if it's possible.


An only - May 16

I am a 35 year old adult who can honestly say I had a great experience as an only child. I had a lot of friends (still do) and am well sdjusted. Life is what you make of it! I know people that can't stand their siblings even as adults. I don't think their is a "one size fits all." I think everyone is different. Some chose to have no kids, one or many. People need to do what works for them and not judge someone for their choices if they are not hurting anyone else : )


Only too! - May 16

I am an only w/ an only and I really feel I had a lot of advantages. I think there are advantages to both. I wish people good luck in however many children they choose to have.


Happy Mommy - May 16

You never hear "I'm so glad I only had one" It's always "I wish we would have had more"


Tammy - May 16

My daughter was 16 when my son was born. She was excited not to be any only child anymore. I worked full time when she was small and she was lonely with the sitter. I am happy that my son will have a playmate.


To Happy Mommy - May 16

I actually NEVER hear people say "I wish I would have had more." I think most mom's are completely overwhelmed as it is. I am over stressed w/ 2 as it is....but good for you!


Cammi - May 16

I have been reading these post and it sounds like alot of animosity. I think it's a shame to judge anyone for their choices. Seems like people always have something to say about everything. My friend has three children and always gets remarks from strangers on how that is "alot to handle." My best friend has one daughter and she hears "oh when will you have another." They are content w/ one. People w/ 2 of the same s_x are asked if they'll try for another. Goodness can't people just do what the heck they want to do??? We are adults, are we not????? Why do we need to bash each other?


To Cammie from Francesca - May 16

I agree w/ you. We all make choices based on our situtustions. I get criticized for waiting til I was 35 to get preg. I have been married for 7 years and people kept bugging me on when I would have a baby. Everybody sems to have an opion and everone is an expert! Ha ha!!!!


Jessy - May 23

Hey, you guys, I understand you totally, people look down on me for having kids young just as they would do you for having them old, but I'm thinking the ones who say you should try for more, it's because they know the kids will be lonely. I know, I had a spoiled only-child cousin and I have 3 siblings myself and we learned patience and sharing early (rather than later) in our lives and we are all thankful for it(we had alot more fun, too!). At 2 kids my husband was getting tired of it all, but I said, hey, I want a girl now! So he said, for now...we'll go for 4. Of course I'd be happy with another boy, too! I'm just glad my boys have eachother to play with..I can see the difference in my first son already, shares more readily and loves to play with his little brother! It's wonderful to see them interact and learn social manners right in their own home with mommy as the "social supervisor"! So, hey, if you want to have another, go for it! it's for your kids' sake if not for yours...I actually think somtimes of never having another baby and it saddens me. I wonder how many it will take for THAT feeling to pa__s?! Hehe! But anyway, really, try ASAP(if you want), it won't hurt anything, just concentrate on keeping yourself healthy and fit since you are so much older already, MOMMY AGAIN..good luck on your miracle, MOMMY!


Caroline - May 23

I take offense to the only child bashing going on. Sadly, I think you can be an ungrateful, spoiled person if you have no siblings or many. It's how you raise your child/children that is important. I know families of three that raised social idiots. I have 2 best friends that are the most out going, smart cool women and they are both only children. They both have amazing parents who are still married in their early 60's.



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