Have You Picked Out A Name

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MommyAgain - May 15

If we have a girl it will be Lindsey Mich__le, a boy will be Raymond Dale. There is a long standing tradition in my husband's family that the first son carry the initial R and the middle name Dale. Raymond was hubby's precious grandfather's name who passed away a few months ago. As this is the hubby's first baby of his own, I'm sort of letting him make most of the decisions about stuff like this :) It's so fun for me watching his excitment and participation!


Virag - May 16

hello Mommy Again - we are expecting a girl in 3 weeks and her name will be Hana. My husband is Japanese, and Hana means "flower" in Japanese - just like my name, Virag, means "flower" in my language (I'm Hungarian). We are happy for having a girl because we couldn't find a boy name at all!


Steff - May 16

I had a mc but if i didn't, her name was going to be Darcie Elizabeth Nicole. I just wanted to share. Thx


kids - September 2

For a irl ciara samone boy: Landon


Brachah - September 2

Third little girl due November: Hannebelle


K - September 2

For a boy Christian Thomas and for a girl we're still up in the air but the middle name has to be Susan after my husbands sister who pa__sed away. Any ideas for a first name?


Dustie - September 27

Jackson David will be our son's name. Jack is my deceased father's name and David is my husband's brother. If we ever have a girl it will be Marlee Faith or Marlee Elise.


jen - October 12

unfortunate loss steff,, light a candle for little Darcy..:) taylor /girl..........patrick/boy is the names my bf wants to name our baby.. I really like the name Hana though.. bby sat a hana so sweet the name i see why they call it a flower..like lilly as well...........jack is a strong boys name too


Tammy - October 13

I am having a boy on Oct 21st. His name will be Luca Gian.


Stacey_E - January 4

I am having a girl in April. We have picked out a few names and they are: Emily Ashley Brianna Brittany Danielle Jenna Megan Rachel Samantha We haven't decided yet. :-)


kell - January 4

We will know what we are having in 2 weeks. Since I found out I was pregnant I've said all along that I'm having a boy, so that means I'm probably having a girl. So girl name will be Avery Millie (Millie was my mom's name) for a boy we're still trying to come up with that one so far, Aiden, Hunter, Micah, Reese or Drew the middle name will be Wayne since that's the name of both grandpa's.



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