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Liz - August 10

Hello, I went for my first u/s this week and they couldn't see the baby. Based on the calendar I should be 8 weeks. They measured my hcg levels and they are are at 68,000. I have rescheduled another u/s for the 24th. They think I could possibly only be 6 weeks. Has anyone had this and know much about hcg levels. I just don't know what to think of it all?


Ranae - August 11

I wanted to share my story. With both pregnancies I had very few symptoms--- only tender b___sts & sick to stomach off & on. My first pregnancy was ectopic. My second one, I was 9 weeks pregnant in August 2005 and my HCG was 64,000. Note, on July 16th my HCG was only 16,000 so on August 2nd the doctor was concerned there was a problem b/c my HCG should not have leaped so high--even with twins. A doppler sonogram--internal & external as well as a second opinion revealed no heartbeat could be seen (all you could see was the sac & yolk--no little fetus). You should be able to see a heartbeat at 6 wks. The doctor ran more tests & stated I had a blighted ovum which is when the fetus does not develope inside the yolk. They were also concerned that I might have a ectopic pregnancy b/c ovary swollen, etc as well. Anyway, they did a D & C on Monday, August 8th (HCG was at 68,000--this is not normal for 9 1/2 wks. it's too high) & pathology reports confirmed there was no fetal parts within the yolk so the fetus indeed did not develope (a blighted ovum). Today they checked my HCG level again to make sure it is dropping & it is down to 14,000. I have to continue to go in for quant_tative HCG every Thursday until it is down to zero--- and they are still watching the ovary & tube. If levels continue to drop & I have no pain they can rule out ectopic pregnancy too which means no laproscopy surgery. The problem will then just be considered a ruptured cyst. My point is......to large of a HCG jump in a small amount of time can signal trouble & not necessarily twins. Just continue to follow-up on prenatal visits. Best of luck to all!


Liz - August 11

Ranae, I am so sorry about your loss. I know how painful that is. I have done alot of research on a blighted ovum and I am aware that your hcg levels can be high and there still not be a baby. Your story also confirms that. I never knew what a rollercoaster of emotions this could be. I had a m/c in May and was lucky to get pregnant on my very next cycle. Now I am worried that this one will end the same. I have heard a few stories were at 6 weeks the baby was not seen and then appeared a week later. I am hopeful but also realistic. Again I am so sorry for you and wish you well in the future.


Ranae - August 13

Liz: Try to stay hopeful. My prayers are with you.


sonya - August 13

Liz you should have been able to see the fetus at 8wks when I went for my sono I was the first time around 5wks the fetus just looked like a dot then when I went back in 3wks it was the size of a peanut and was even moving it's little arm buds the doctor pointed that out to me and it was amazing that something so little was already moving!! So you may just be not as far along as you thought however the next sono should show something differnt and if it does not then I just don't know what to tell you..good luck keep us posted



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