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littlecow67 - November 20

im new to this sight n not very good with tecnology, i askd a question the other day when i joined, now don't know how to find the answers to my questions, i am 41 have had 2 m/cs in the last 6mths & feel very alone, its been 7 wks since last loss n now i feel queezy, stomach has swollen already as it did with the 1st 2, tender br___ts, no period, 2 tests said poss, hos blood test no although hcg was 3,(2 wks ago) any advice please b4 i go mad thank you


Kristin72 - November 20

Hello Littlecow67, Firstly I am sorry for your recent miscarriages. I am also 41 and just suffered one recently as well. I had to have a D&C on Oct 8th. To answer your questions..the only test you can have done to definitively tell you if you are pregnant is the blood test. Go in for a repeat. Having a low hcg 2 wks ago was 2 weeks ago so things could have drastically change by now. Your symptoms sound like pregnancy..but the only way of knowing is getting that blood test. I I too know that the desire to become pregnant at our age specially after losses is very great. Let me know how things work out and get that blood test. :)


Krissy68 - November 20

Littlecow67 - Welcome to the group and I am sorry that I missed your other post. I am also sorry about your miscarriages. I am 40 and I have been ttcing for 16 months now. I agree with Kristin72 get another blood test when did you take your hpt? Do you have any kids? Keep us posted. Krissy68


littlecow67 - November 21

hi girls, thank u so much 4 writin bk, its 2.15pm 21st nov, had blood tests on thur 20th due to get results but don't want to 4 fear of being told neg, in which case im just getting fat for nothing n it's all in my head, at my age i should b used to disappointment, i do have 2 children a son of 21 married his dad who playd around so divorced him 6 mths l8r, got involved again spent 14yrs with the guy who was violent, had a daughter whose now 12 by him, got sterilized after her cos didn't want to bring another child into that enviroment, due to being put in hos gave me the guts to leave him, so u c what i mean by disapointment, i moved from down south to merseyside n met a lovely guy to whom i am now married , had my op reversed last sept was absoulutly over the moon wen i fell pregnant in april, (my dh doesn't have any children) n well u kno the rest, sorry to go on its nice to be able to talk n understood, i will keep you both posted, take care good luck


Krissy68 - November 21

lillycow67 - Have you gotten your results back yet? Keeping my fingers cross I hope it is a bfp. Take care of yourself and have a nice weekend. Krissy68


littlecow67 - November 22

hi krissy, didnt ring the dr stupid i no but didn't want to hear the words negative, anyway did a clearblue digital test this morning, sat 22nd nov & the stupid thing said not pregnant, so now i don't know what to do, worried that during the d&c they might have messed up n i may never have children again, after my 1st m/c in june which happened naturally my period arrive exactly 28 days l8r, it's now been nearly 8wks since d&c, still no sign, im feeling more sick by the day,


Krissy68 - November 24

littlecow67 - How are you feeling? Have you gotten in touch with your doctor's office yet? I am keeping you in my prayers and thoughts and I hope you get your BFP. Let me know. Krissy68


littlecow67 - November 24

thanx hun,havn't contacted dr yet . been rushed off my feet today. will ring tomorrow, let u kno how i get on.


littlecow67 - November 25

totally fed up went to the drs, receptionist said results normal not pregnant,i askd what she ment by other test normal n she said she didn't kno, no bloody help what so ever, any suggestions what i should do now x


Krissy68 - November 25

littlecow67 - Wow I really don't know what to say. Have you taken a hpt? If so what did that say I would make a doctor's appointment and see if you can get a better answer face to face have him/her give you an exam or u/s and if it still is a bfn then I would have for some provera to get AF started. I would also think about finding another doctor. I hope this help you out. Good Luck and let me know. Krissy68


littlecow67 - November 26

i took 2 hpt, they both came out poss on the 4th nov, then i did another on sat 22nd nov that came out neg, still got signs of being preg, no sign of af, i will go bk to dr, as im getting really annoyd that, neither one nor the other is actually going to arrive, so don't kno where i am, thanx , bye x


Krissy68 - November 26

littlecow67 - I really don't know what to suggest but like you said make another doctor's appointment and go from there. Have a Happy Thanksgiving. Krissy68


littlecow67 - November 27

went to the drs this morn, 27th nov, was in a bit of a state as had just seen an x old friend with her new baby girl, (this x friend never wanted the baby in the 1st place). anyway the dr askd if any tests had been carried out since m/cs, told her no, told her all the signs n symptoms iv got . she said that my hcg had c_m bk as 2, usually under 11 is a neg, so i told her what i'd read up on here, she was surprised but agreed that anythin is poss, so she is now arranging for a scan for me, & arranging for me to c consultant at hos to follow up y had 2 m/cs so close, women usually hav 2 have 3 m/cs b4 anything will b done but my dr said times not really on my side (very reasuring i don't think) thank you for all your support & to kristin72, stay in touch girls & let me know how you both get on, x



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