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karenvb - February 24

I am 43 and havent been on any contraception since 2005 and yet I have failed to conceive ,I have 3 healthy children my youngest being ten of which I had no trouble conceiving but did suffer an ectopic pregnancy between my 2nd and 3rd child were I did lose a tube however this at the time did not stop me conceiving in the 1 st month after trying for my 3rd child so find it hard to comprehend why it just hasnt happened this time ,I have considered just giving up on it now with getting older but reading all the messages on the forum has given me a little hope to keep trying a little longer ,any suggestions to help me along will be welcome .


Kristin72 - February 24

karenvb, have you had a 3rd day fsh done? This can give you a good idea about your egg supply. I think if you have not had testing then get your bloodwork done. Get followed by a specialist..or atleast talk to your OB. Also a shg to check to see if your remaining tube is not blocked can give you an idea. You could also have an ultrasound to check for fibroids or other things. I suggest taking your prenatals,b6, and evening primrose to help with your cm. Also charting your cycles closely by taking your bbt's basal body temps and using opk's to check to see when your surge is. It's a good idea to use Fertility Friend dot com. You must get proactive but there is a good chance it can happen again..possibly with help or atleast being followed by a doctor.I am 41 have had 5 losses including and ectopic last Sept '07. I also have a 2 year old. I am now in my 12th week of pregnancy..hoping for the best!! Good luck and feel free to join us for support on the board TTC and BFP's you can get alot of questions answered and there are other women close in age to you that are ttc or have already conceived. Good luck!!


karenvb - February 24

Thanks for that info but no I havent had anything checked I did approach one of my gp s who is a woman I might add about 2 years ago and found her to be very patronising her answer to me was "IT S YOUR AGE" this totally put me off proceeding with anything as I felt in her opinion that i was too old so give up so decided from that moment on that if it happened it happened if it didnt well so be it and that s were my mind set is at from that one comment silly I know but it knocked my confidence to be an older mum .


ami2old - August 2

B6 & Evening Primrose? I'm going to drop the soy & add those two.



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