How Does This Pregnancy Compare To Your Previous One S

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MommyAgain - May 20

I have 2 kids, and I was never ever this sick, or this exhausted during those pregnancies. I didn't even know I was pregnant with my first one until 5 months into it! With this pregnancy, I went through weeks of the most violent morning (all day) sickness ever. I was so sick and dizzy that I stayed in bed almost a week, and could barely keep a cracker down. Now that has passed, and I am so very tired and worn down all the time. Maybe this is just what age does to ones body? Maybe this difference signals a girl? (the other 2 were boys and I barely had a sick moment with either). How about you? Is this one any better or worse than the previous?


Tammy - May 20

I sailed through my first 2 pregnancies. This one I am 17 weeks and I am still so exhausted that it's an effort to do daily things. Fortunately, I am not sick. My last pregnancy, I gained 30 lbs. by my 4th month.This time I have gained 10 lbs so I thought that I would be more energetic. Maybe it's just being a little older than with the last pregnancies or, chasing after little ones.


Jessy - May 23

I'm in the same boat as you both..I have 2 little boys and so far this is the weirdest pregnancy of all...for 1, once I became preganant with my 2nd, my b___sts stopped production on their own so it was "weaning time" for baby was great! The b___sts did the weaning FOR me! Now for this one they didn't "STOP" so I had "constant morning sickeness" until I had the heart to finally cut the supply down to naps and bedtime...THEN the b___sts stopped producing milk...but man, that was torture..I had to eat TONS of food ALL the time! I had NO TIME for ANYTHING else!! I even got sick at the sight of salad because I had WAY too much! Now I'm the size (at 5 months) as I was at 7 months on the previous 2! Luckily once the milk stopped flowing my nausea pa__sed..but taking LOTS of prenatals helped alot to ease it, though. You see, if you're feeding need EVEN more! It's like my body forgot to take care of ME! It decided to give ALL the nutrition to the baby inside and the milk production! So, yeah, it was feeding 2, just not ME! With twins and such things it still works like one because the body is still supplying the amount the baby needs according to it's know multiple babies always come out else would they all even fit into the tummy at the same time? That's God's's wise and wonderful. This time my uturus is hanging lower than before as well...getting all stretched out I, just when I thought I could predict what would happen after the 1st 2...I get THIS! HAHA! I'm only 25 by the way, so I don't know if age has anything to do with it, but I've felt "old" ever since I became 16, had some injuries that didn't heal like they used to when I was young..THAT makes ANYONE feel OLD. Now I have a wrinkly old-looking right foot with constantly flaking skin and prone to athlete's foot due to yeast overtaking a spot where I badly bruised my foot at age 17..and my other foot is perfectly healthy! You'd look at both my feet and say, "those CAN'T belong to the SAME person's body!" I'm just not as healthy as others my age. My husband for instance, he gets a cut and within days(without a bandage) it's kids, a week at least (WITH a bandage)...without one, it could take weeks because then I fight infection. See what I mean? My hubby gets a cold and it lasts 2 days at most. Me, well, 6 to 8 weeks..unless I catch it really soon and fight it hard before it gets the best of me. In fact, I've been better at catching my colds to stop them early because I don't want to be a sickly mother for 2 months out of the year every year..and I've done pretty well since my kids have been born, if I feel a sniffle I pull out everything I got to combat it, and within a week I got it down and out! HAHA! It pays to have a working knowledge of "how to stay healthy" and prevent sickness for sure! But then again, in MY position, it's just about a necessity, or I 'd be taking pills over the counter for who knows what for the rest of my life just because I don't know how to take care of myself...yeah, it pays in the way of saving money on doctor visits and no nasty medications as well! If you can learn how to eat healthy and the difference between "living" and "dead" vitamin should do very well! Go ask a nutritionist or maybe just ask someone at your local health food store, ask tons of questions, if they can't answer, ask for someone more knowledgeable and I'm sure they can direct you to someone who can help! The morning sickness is not all due to pregnancy's due to the fact that your body is not getting enough nutrition because the baby is taking it all! Once you get that fixed, it should pa__s. I'm 5 months along now and somtimes I wonder if I'm even pregnant (other than the constant kicking and the big belly)hehe! if I skimp on my prenatals for a day or 2 out of a week (accident of course, forgetful)..I can feel the nausea coming and so I start eating lots of fruits and take those prenatals! Oh, then I feel sooo good! Oh, yeah, the best thing for acid reflux during pregnancy is high-acid fruits...test it, you'll see what I mean! I had some acid burning my throat 2 days ago, so I had a mango...mmm, yummy! Then it was gone, just like that! Talk about a tasty way of fixing a painful problem!! HAHA! Good luck to you with your sweet little one...I'm praying for a girl this time, by the way!


Jimmysgirl - June 7

Hello - I'm 38, my son is 16 months and I am pregnant again - due in Jan 2006. (LMP April 17). We are thrilled, but my belly isn't lol. With my last pregnancy I had no m/s at all - but with this one I have a queasy feeling throughout most of the day. Eating seems to make it go away for a while, but not for more than half an hour. I'm glad it's not so bad I'm throwing up - it's just annoying. Also, my belly is popped out like mad (why did I do all those sit ups again???). My weight at conception was 135 - fairly normal for me. I've picked up five pounds and it is all in the bump. Had a u/s at 5wks4days - but it was too early to tell anything with any certainty. Next u/s is June 21. What is the same? I'm sleepy a lot, my normally very dry skin is oily and I can't do a thing with my hair =)



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