How Far Along Are You Do You Know The Sex

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MommyAgain - May 13

I'm almost 14 weeks according to the doctor. We don't know the s_x yet but we really want to find out before anything is painted or purchased or prepared. How early can they determine the s_x? Do you want to know?


Jessy - May 23

5 to 5 and a half months..I'm eager to find out so I can buy clothes soon, especially if it's a girl because I haven't had one, yet and would have to start from scratch on the clothing!


Carol - May 25

I'm 16 weeks.I won't be able to find out the s_x til around 20 weeks. My husband wants a boy (surprise surprise), but we'll be happy with a boy or girl. It's our first.


MommyAgain - May 25

Congrats on your first Carol :) I have 2 boys already, and have actually dreamed of a little girl for ages.. I really hope this one is a girl, but we'll be thrilled either way :) Have to wait another whole month to find out!


lynnstress - May 27

I'm 12 wks with my first, and I want know. Husband first wanted to be surprised, but I talked him out of that. It's not like it was 30+ years ago - they can tell us everything now. One of my friends said she wants to know what color to knit things!


Susan - May 30

I am forty and 27 weeks pregnant with a girl. I had an ultrasound at 16 weeks and the tech determined we were having a little girl - I had a level two ultrasound at 20 weeks and the tech confirmed we were having a girl. Also her heart rate at 12 weeks was 164 - girls are supposed to have faster heart rates. I will be having another ultrasound at 28 weeks to determine the size and fluid amount. I'm sure we will be able to check again. Good luck to you all. Really all I want is healthy.


lisa - May 30

I'm 35 weeks and still don't know the s_x after 3 just didn't want to coorporate!


Laura - June 2

I'm 39 and pregnant with a baby girl- I'm 20w.. had CVS and level II's.. so far so good.. we wanted to know the s_x- why not? it helped us personalize her more.. plus finding names is sooo overwhelming for us... at least we focus on girl names only..


bump - August 25



Jules - August 25

I'm 17 weeks, found out i was having another boy last week when i had an amnio performed due to turing 39 upon baby's birth....very boys....We will be set w/ our 2 wishes to all...


Carol - August 26

I'm 29 wks 3dys with my first and I'm having a girl. I can't wait to hold her.


alanan - September 14

how far along do you have to be to know the s_x of your child



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