How Likely Is It To Get Pregnant At Age 38 In Good Health

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Quantess - December 25

I'm 38 and he is 36, and we have no previous children. The past few months, we haven't been trying to conceive, but we haven't tried hard not to, either. We haven't used condoms for a few months, but we are not actively trying. There have been a few times when I thought I might have conceived, after having s_x on fertile days, but so far no pregnancy. We had a miscarriage at age 34, but other than that I have never been pregnant. I have no reason to think I have fertility problems. How likely am I to get pregnant in any given month, at age 38, when I'm not trying that hard?


Kristin72 - December 25

You have a pretty good chance. Possibly around 25% each cycle. But if you truly want to get pregnant timing is everything. You must determine when you are ovulating. Start by taking your basal temps every morning b4 getting out of bed. You will start to notice a pattern of before "O" temps and after "O temps when your tempuerature rises by a few few degrees and stays there it would indicate ovulation. That said you must have s_x on the days leading up to the "O" time so you should get some opk (ovulation prediction kits) You can find out when you are about to ovulate. IF after 5-6 cycles you have not conceived and have been actively trying around your fertile time then maybe you should talk to a doctor. OTherwise I wish you best of luck..I am sure you will be pregnant very soon. P.S.IF you are not.. You should be taking folic acid in the months leading up to a pregnancy to prevent neural tube defects. All the best.


Quantess - December 26

Thanks, Kristin72! We have been putting off having a baby. It has never been an ideal time for us to start a family, but we can't wait too much longer. There is always some reason why we should wait a little longer to have a baby, but then again, we would be happy to be pregnant right now. But, I'm not ready to start trying really hard to conceive. I have to say, the 2 weeks before my period have been stressful, not knowing whether I've conceived. But, I imagine that's true for most of us!


sososleepy - December 30

Quantess, Like Kristen said, chart bbt and figure out when you O. You can get OPK's at the dollar store, depending on where you live, and using them while you chart, as well as checking CM (stretchy abundant slippery means BD [baby dance] will help you figure out when you O. Swimmers {sperm} can live 3 to 5 days {7 by some studies} and your egg is good for 1, so you want those swimmers parked {they hang out in your falopian tubes waiting for the egg} and waiting when you O, and you want to get more fresh swimmers about every two days up until ovulation and on the day you ovulate. Beyond that, it's recreational practice. Also, if possible avoid lubricants; several studies demonstrate that they are not very friendly to sperm and thus decrease your chances. Fortunately, when your CM is most abundant, you're most fertile, and thus least likely to need the lube. Try now Quantess. I started trying for #3 at 36. It took about two years to get pg, we lost it at 9 weeks, and now at just turned 40 I'm finally pg again, fingers crossed on the last day of 10th week and hoping it all works. Take your folic acid and bd bd bd! Best Luck! I hope it takes you a lot less time than the 4 years it's taken me.


dogmom - December 30

Hi Quantess, I started trying to conceive at 37 years old. I myself also thought I would have trouble getting pregnant due to my age and due to the fact my husband was 48! It only took us two months to conceive and we were not trying that hard. I did not "chart my temperature" or use any ovulation prediction tests. I did start taking prenatal vitamins two monts prior though. Basically my doctor told me I probably ovulate around day 14 of my cycle, so with that in mind I just counted the days and planned my attack somewhere in the middle of those 14 days. I remember the day I conceived. It was the middle of May and a beautiful day. My husband and I spent the day together driving around in the Hamptons. We had a few gla__ses of wine afterwards and the rest is history. I am now 34 weeks pregnant.


alley24 - December 30

you have a great chance. I had my last son who is now 2 at 43 and I just found out yesterday I am having another baby at 46. I am nervous but you know what i have three other children ages 24,21 and 16 and i had a easier time the last one than the others, so you know just relax, and it will come.


Krissy68 - December 30

alley24 - Congratulation I am so happy for you. I am 40 and dh is getting ready to turn 43 so I am still trying. Krissy68


cromwell - December 31

Quantess, I started trying when I was 37 and finally got pregnant through IVF at 39 (my dd was born right before my 40th). I had three miscarriages. As it turned out, we decided to do fertility treatments pretty quickly. My dh had morphology issues that got worse as we went along so we finally went to IVF. Realize that there might be an issue on your dh's side, too. We are going to try for a second baby now. The success rates at our clinic for IVF in 37-39 year olds was 44% which was pretty high. Drops after 40 though. If you decide to go the fertilty route, there is great info on the infertility part of the forum. Good luck! Laurie


Krissy68 - January 2

sososleepy - Congratulation!!!! How are you feeling? Have you made your OB appointment? Please keep us updated. Rub your belly for me. dogmom - Wow it seem like yesterday you were telling us you were pg. Six weeks left. Are you ready? How are you feeling? Rub your belly for me. I am still trying. I am currently on cd 5 and I am finishing up AF today I did start on cd 4 taking prenat vit and 200mg of soy isoflavans and I will be taking the soy from cd 4-8 I will let you know and I will start using the opk test on cd 10 and I think I will start bding on cd 10 and I might take robintussin I will keep you updated. I hope I do get pg this cycle dh birthday on on Jan 31 that would be a good birthday gift. Talk to you soon. Take care. Alley24 - How are you doing? I hope okay. Rub your belly for me. cromwell - Have you started your second round of IVF treatment. Wishing you all the luck. Krissy68


dogmom - January 3

Hi Krissy68, We are doing pretty good. Had a bit of a scare two weeks ago when I ended up spending 2 days in the hospital for preterm labor. My doctor was able to get my contractions under control and I was on bedrest for 2 weeks. I am now 35 weeks and off bedrest (yeah!!). My doctor said there is no way I am making it to my due date but he wanted to get me to at least 35 weeks. I started loosing my plug Monday night, so I guess I can go anyday now? My next doctors appointment is Monday afternoon. I am anxious to find out if and how much I am dialated.


Krissy68 - January 5

dogmom - It will not be long now especially since you have lost the mucus plug. Are you ready for baby? How did the doctor visit go and how much have you dialated? Krissy68


dogmom - January 5

Hello Krissy68, I just got back from the doctor today and was shocked because he did not do an internal. They gave me a sonogram to measure my fluids and the baby's weight. The baby is weighing 5 lbs 10 ounces now, fluid level is great and her heartbeat is great. The doctor said the baby is doing terrific, I am safe at 35 weeks and he is leaving me alone till our next appointment. Let's see if I make it to the next appointment.


Krissy68 - January 6

dogmom - Are you feeling? Are you ready for the baby? When is your next doctor's visit? I know I am asking you all these questions. Take care and I can't wait until you tell me you have delivered. I am so very happy for you. Here is a very little update on me. I am currently on cd 9 and my cm is starting to get slippery what does this means? It was dry from Sunday-Tuesday (this morning) I took the soy isoflavans from cd 4-8 they say it is a natural to clomid we shall see. I have also started back taking my prenatal vit I started them on the same day as I started taking the soy. On cd 10 I will start using the opk and I think I will take the robintussin but I forgot how much I am suppose to take do you know? Well I will keep you posted. I should ovulate on 1/14 and I should start AF between 1/27 - 1/28. Rub your belly for me. Krissy68


dogmom - January 6

Hi Krissy 68, I have no idea what any of that stuff means. I did not take any type of fertility treatments. I only took prenatal vitamins for about 2 months before we conceived.


Krissy68 - January 6

dogmom - Thank you no problem I will keep taking the prenatal vit it can't hurt anything. How are you feeling today? Krissy68


Bella2009 - January 10

Hi everyone! I just joined the group today. I'm 38 and 4 wks, 5d preg. with 1st baby. I am SO happy but SO nervous! I had m/c last 09/08 at 10 wks-no signs of it coming on. until u/s at 12wks. It was same week that my father pa__sed away. Totally heartbreaking time. But I am hopeful and trying to not be paranoid! HCG yesterday was 455 but no symptoms (crazy emotional oversentimentality tears and backaches) but no sore b___sts yet. I can't believe I am praying for morning sickness! I just want some "normal" symptoms! I wish everyone babydust and lots of luck for 2009. Hope we'll all be on the expecting in the Fall forum!


Krissy68 - January 10

Bella2009 - Congratulation and welcome to the group. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep your faith and stay positive. Krissy68



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