How Likely Is It To Get Pregnant At Age 38 In Good Health

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Krissy68 - January 10

Bella2009 - Congratulation and welcome to the group. I will keep you in my prayers. Keep your faith and stay positive. Krissy68


sujiv - June 22

Hello!! I m 38 and hubby 43 with no children or miscarraige married for 8 years.. We had delayed pregencies for various social n financial reasons... at this age i m egarly feeling to have child but i feel its too late with age to manage running around child and with our indian culture i always feel what society will think about. I always feel guilty that why i didnt had done at right age.. I realy get sleepless night with these thoughts.. i m too confused with this matter..


rubyray - January 7

cromwell-hi can you please share the name of your fertility clinic. I am 38 and very nervous


rubyray - January 7

- i have joined the group today. I am losing my sanity.I have started prenatal vitaamin.. will start trying from March. Please give me hope


Oma - February 27

Hi everyone, I'm 38 and 6 weeks pregnant.. I have had a long history of misscarages and complicated pregnancies over the years and also had fibroid to top it all..

So when this miracle of mine happened i believe nothing is imposible. Hoping and keeping fingers crosed.

This is going to be my first baby.


brandon2122 - August 14

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archita - April 24

Helloo i am 38 and trying to conceive. How easy it is to get pregnant naturally at this age considering my HSG was normal and hubbys sperm analysis was ok . fasting blood sugar is 101 so i am on metformin and also folic acid. TSH was 9.5 so was put on thyronorm 50 . Weight is normal and no other issues. Ovulation is also natural as had two 


rebecca676 - December 29

Myself and my husband had been trying to get pregnant for 18 months before I was referred to Native Iyabasira fertility solution. We had no definite diagnosis of what was wrong and had become very frustrated. In November 2015 I was given a thorough reproductive health work up, I found out I had low progesterone, thyroid issues and a stomach issue which was affecting my ability to get pregant. This was a very thorough process involving dietary, hormonal and physical investigations and started the recommended treatments in Feb 16 2016. I was pregnant by april 16. I had a baby boy in march 2017. I was carefully monitored and mother Iyabasira was always available for me. I can recommend native iyabasira more highly so much so we are hoping to start trying for a second baby under her guidance.
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