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momto1 - May 16

Hi, I am 35 and we've been trying to conceive for past 4 months with opks and 2 months before that. So, technically it's been 6 months and no luck yet. I have a 5 yr old boy (conceived in 2nd attempt) and am anxious to have a sibling for my son. I got my hormones tested (progesterone, estradiol, FSH) came back normal, periods are regular, generally healthy and so is DH as well. Am i doing something wrong? should i wait longer, like 2-3 months more to make it 6 mons with opk ? Ladies, pls advice and do share how long it took you to conceive? am i missing something? please share your thoughts. Thank you all in advance.


Been There - May 16

In my case, it was the simplest problem for my last infertility problem. Bad cervical mucous. There wasn't enough and it was killing the sperm. The doctor did a post coital test because my hysterosalpingogram showed two unblocked tubes (another thing you may want checked). So she discovered I needed hormones to get the cm better. The one month I took the hormones, I got pregnant. Although I suffered a m/c, it must have changed my hormones for the better because here I am again at 28 weeks (pregnant again with next full cycle). So if your doctor hasn't talked to you about these things, you may want to ask some questions about this. By the way, I spent 2 years trying to figure out why I couldn't conceive my second child and about a year and a half working on this one, my 3rd. It could just be narrowing down the right mix or finding the simplest thing to make it work. I wish you the best.


Perl - May 17

Had you been using the pill or some other birth control method for the past 5 years (aside from the last 6 months)? When I wanted to start trying to conceive my nurse pract_tioner told me it could take me just a bit longer because of the pill and that I'd be better off if I waited 2-3 months after I went off the pill anyways to get pregnant. I don't remember the reasoning behind that. But I had been on the pill for 7 years and never pregnant before. I never used opks but I had my ovulation calendars from posted on the wall. It took me 5 cycles at age 35 to become pregnant (unfortunately it ended in miscarriage). But after waiting another 5 months to ttc it then only took 2 cycles. I would wait it out another couple of months before becoming too concerned. For what it's worth, I also had a friend who tried for years to conceive and had problems because of fibroids on her uterus. There are many different variables that all have to be just right for conception to occur. I know it's frustrating but stay calm and don't lose hope. I hope it all works out fine for you very soon.


gma36 - May 17

To share my experience, my dh and I tried for 7 months with no luck, then we quite trying where arguing a lot so never had s_x for a month then did it one time and not again and boom was pg that time. LOL Good luck to you!


momto1 - May 17

Thank you ladies. Perl: I haven't used BCP. No smoking or drinking. my DH just takes a gla__s of wine oca__sionally. I am very frustrated but hope it works out sooner than later.


ThePezChick - May 17

I went off birth control pills in March of last year. My husband and I didn't try "not to get pregnant" for 8 months. We thought we'd let nature take its course. Nothing happened. In October we began trying to conceive using ovulation tests. For 3 months they didn't show I ovulated using the "typical time period" when women ovulate. I thought I was infertile so I decided to test everyday for a month. On the 4th month the test showed I ovulated only one day... days earlier than most women. I got pregnant that day. Good luck. Sending good motherhood vibes your way!



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