How To Get Pregnant Please Help

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Nanali - June 3

My husband and I are trying hard to have a child since 2 months. I did all the calculations required and once after we had s_x, I started to have a good amount of blood for almost 4 days, which was a good reason to visit the doctor. Surprisingly, the doctor told me that I’m having a yeast infection but it shouldn’t be a problem to conceive and surprisingly, she saw a big egg down and ready to be fertilized, so she advised me to try on the night and so I did (so I had s_x on recommended days according to my calculation as well as according to the doctor’s advice)! Since that day, I started having strange signs, exactly like the period but a bit worse, change in the body form, bigger br___t than every time, back pain, a feeling of a stone in my belly and fatigue. SO I knew that I’m pregnant, and what made me sure of my pregnancy is that I passed my period by 5 days. Today I got my period and I’m very sad it didn’t work. WHY DIDN’T I CONCIEVE AS EVERYONE PLANNED FOR IT. Is there anything wrong that I’m DOING WRONG OR IS THERE ANY RECOMMENDATIONS TO DO OR NOT TO DO? Your hints, tips and recommendations are HIGHLY APPRECIATED. THANKS IN ADVANCE


Kristin72 - June 3

All conditions must be perfect to become pregnant these includ your weight your timing your hormone levels your luteal phaseaslteast 12 days. 2 months is not a long time to ttc. I don't know your age or if you have other children but your doc seems confident things will happen for you. I am sure they will just keep bd'ing around your fertile time atleast a week leading up to the day and the 2 days beyond. ARe you doing bbt's or using Fertility Friend are you taking any supplements? ARe you taking prenatals?Best of luck..


Na__li - June 3

I'm 36 years old, I haven't had children or concieved before, my weight and hormone levels should be normal, and I have no idea about fertility friend or prenatals!! From where can u get them and do you need a prescription in order to get them? Thanks Kristin


Kristin72 - June 4

What do you mean you hormones should be normal? Have you had them checked? That is the only way to know as you can feel fine and your hormones can be off. Prenatals are necessary when ttc to prevent birth defects..especially the folic acid. You can buy them at any drugstore. Materna is a brand many use..there are several other brands. Fertility Friend is a website for women trying to conceive. Do you take your morning temperatures your basal body temperature or (bbts)..this is a good place to start as is buying and ovulation prediction kit. One can either take charge of theri fertility or go buy chance...start informing yourself as much as possible and find out when you are ovulating each month. good luck



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