I Am 41 Could I Be Pregnant

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sweetmoma - March 12

I haven't had my period in 3 and a half months, my br___ts are tender, my appet_te is bigger, strange cravings, I use the bathroom ALOT now, and the other day I began spotting a brownish color and I have gained 11pounds in these 3 and a half months. I have taken many pregnancy tests and they all are negative. Could I be pregnant?


Seafairest - March 15

All the symptoms seem to be there. Sounds just like me, except I've taken 3 tests now that have all come up positive.


Karen E - March 15

Hi Sweetmoma - maybe see your doctor and have a blood test to be sure. They can also measure your hormone levels as you could also be premenopausal. My girlfriend's periods starting becoming irregular in her early 40's. A blood test will tell you for sure. Good luck.


sweetmoma - March 15

thanks to all of you who posted responses. I just saw the doctor yesterday and they have blood work going and I will know something by Friday. He said that I could be possibly 2 weeks along, just too early to tell by exam, and also a messed up thyroid, early early early early menopause. I did get good new with the visit tho... I had a pap while in there and a 100% perfect pap! Now, we are still holding our breath for the blood results! We sure would like it to show up a positive for pregnancy. Thanks again for the time you took to talk with me. Bless you all. I will let ya'll know what the test results were. .... Seafairest..., congratulations on your positive test results!! Think good thoughts for us, we aren't giving up if he says that I am for sure not premenopausal. Take care all !


Seafairest - March 16

Dear Sweetmoma, Goodluck and I hope you're pregnant! Thanks on the Congrats...it was definately a surprise for me, and something I wasn't trying for, but it's definately going to end up being a blessing. Keep us informed and I'm definately thinking good thoughts!



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