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angelmary3 - October 7

I am 41 yrs old and trying to be pregnant since last 2 months. Please let me know if any of you are in the same position or have been pregnant after 40 yrs. Any feedback will be really appreciated. Thank you,


HelloDolly - January 5

Hello and I am in the same boat! I am 41 and trying to concieve. Doc told me zinc, folic acid and mulit-vitemans are a must. Two months in not so long. You can also buy ovulation test strips online and use an online calculator to figure you ovulation time. I have always been irregular and used the strips some times. We are going to try for thee months then do the strips. Lots of women get pg at our age! Keep practicing and don't get stressed out! Eat a balanced diet daily so your body knows it is safe to have a baby. Good luck!!


Kristin72 - January 7

I just had my second at 42. She is 3 1/2 months now. I had an uncomplicated pregnancy and delivery. I also had my first at 39. However, I had a tough road getting here.. I have had 5 losses..3 of which were in the year(2008) leading up to my most recent delivery. I did not give up hope. To conceive I was taking prenatals..I charted my basal temps and used fertility friend dot com to chart my cycles. I also took evening primrose oil up until ovulation. After confirmed ovulation (a marked temperature rise) I used progesterone suppositories. We had s_x every other day around the time of ovulation. Oh and I was using opk test strips. So I know i was doing something right to get pregnant 4 times in 1 year..I was just having a hard time having them stick. I was also b___stfeeding my baby. Each lossI had was for a a different reason..one an ectopic, the next no heatbeat seen and was given misoprostol to induce a miscarriage. The 3rd was a checmical pregnancy and the 4th is my baby girl Alexa :))) All the best to anyone over 40 ttc!!


Twins - January 7

Hi Kristin72, wow! This is really inspiring, i will keep coming back to read this post for sure. By prenatals do you mean pregnacare and the likes? Also were you on clomid or another fertility drug?. when did you start to use the evening primrose oil and did you use it with the prenatals also? Were these all recommended by your doctor or did you just take the initiative. I don't think my dr is taking my conception as seriously as i would love him to.


Kristin72 - January 8

Hi Twins, The prenatals I took were Materna. Just a regular prenatal multivitamin. I was being followed by a fertility doctor..but no issues were found. I was not on any meds. The evening primrose I took on my own initiative..thought it could not hurt. But the idea is not to take it beyond ovulation as it can bring on uterine contractions. My doc did not endorse it but said it could help with ewcm if that was a problem. She did recommend the progesterone suppositories. The first cycle I took them was the one I got pregnant with and it stuck. I am a fan for sure. Oh I also used opk's..and bought dollar store pregnancy tests. So again about the epo (evening primrose oil) take it 3 times a day (however I only took it twice a day or a couple hours before intercourse after you have had your af. Then take it all the way until confirmed ovulation. Not beyond. Some women take fish oil afterwards. Hey it can't hurt..and it may help with your EWCM and bring those spermies to your egg. Good luck to you and join us over on the ttc over 35 and 40 board!!! :)



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