I Am Going To Be A Mommy

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Elena - September 6

I just had to share with someone...my husband is still asleep and we will have to call our parents tonight. I am so excited and so scared. 36 years without a child and now things are going to change. I had an appointment with my doc tomorrow because I thought I wasn't ovulating and now a prenatal visit! I couldn't believe that second line! I even tried to get a pic of it but the camera wouldn't focus! Wish me luck!


Paula - September 6

Congratulations!! I tried taking a picture of mine too, and it didn´t work. Don´t worry, pretty soon you´ll have the sonogram pictures which are much more exciting!


- September 6

that great congrats, its way fun


rl - September 6

so happy for you and your husband good luck to you both!!!


Cindy - September 6



Been There - September 6

Congratulations!!!! I am 36 and pregnant. Do you know when you are due? I am due in May 8. We can go through this together. Best wishes!


Elena - September 8

Hey Been There! I am due...according to a due date calculator online...May21! I am having issues with my OB. I went to that appt. She barely spent 2 minutes with me told me there was no reason for me to be there yet. Did not ask any questions. Offered me a narcotic if I had a headache and that was it. She has never been personable. I am an RN and work in ICU and have met other OBs and am thinking of switching...what do you think? If I am paying you to deliver my baby...I want you to at least pretend you care! I am so excited for you Been There! Is this your first? My email is [email protected]


Maidencanada - September 8

Elena some doctors dont want to see yo uuntil you are further along so as to "not waste there time" if you miscarry. I for one want a ob who I can talk to and to who I am a person and not a number. You are over 35 which makes you a "high risk" and because of that you have more questions and concerns than a 20 something. Your OB sounds as though he/she is not taking that into account. I miscarried in July and after it happened my OB told me the minute I find out I am pregnant I am to make an appointment to see her. Not wait till 8 weeks like I did before, because while chromosomal damage cannot be helped there are things like baby aspirin that can help with other issues related to holding on to the pregnancy. Good luck and change Obs. Get one who cares about you.


K - September 11

Hi congrats Elena! I'm 36 and 14 weeks prego with our first too. I'm switching drs also. I had a m/c back in Jan and now that I'm preg again I had questions and she never calls back! I feel like she's rushing me out the door when I'm there. Hopefully I'll have better luck with this new dr who has a great rep. If you don't feel comfortable definately switch! Good luck to all!


Cindy - September 11

Oh Elena; I am so happy for you. I wish you the best of luck in your pregnancy.


Elena - September 12

You are all so wonderful! Thank you for your well wishes and advice. I have made an appointment with another doctor. I met him in ICU and he answered all my questions and I was not even his patient. Plus he just delivered my friends ay last week, she is 35, and she and her husband love him.



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