I Am Scared To Death

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lorilavon - May 13

Hello, I am new to this forum and need some support please. I am 38, just found out that I am expecting my third child and I am scared to death. I have chronic high blood pressure and had the beginning stages of toxemia with my last and am very overwieght. I know you are probably wondering why did I get pregnant, right? It was not our plan but obviously Gods. If anyone else has been or is in this situation please give me some good words of advice and encouragement. I am looking for some life long friends on here so anyone interrested let me know:) Thanks!


Aspen8 - May 16

Hi. I'm sorry your past experience is such that you have to be so frightened this time around. I haven't had any experience with high blood pressure or toxemia, and I don't know if any of the other ladies who post in our usual thread do, but you're welcome to come there and post with us. We're all busy and pop in and out periodically, but we're very supportive of each other. If you're interested, just click on the TTC over 40 thread and come introduce yourself. :-)


babymakessix - May 24

I just found out I am pregnant too. Yesterday. And am very scared as this is my 6th baby. But as far as the blood pressure - this can be controlled. I had preeclampsia with my 4th baby...which developed into eclampsia. (preeclampsia is pregnancy induced high blood pressure) WIth my 5th pegnancy....I was put on pregnancy safe blood pressure meds and had a low sodium diet and did pretty good. YOu just have to be careful. Try not to stress. Stay away from salt. No sodium. No prepackaged type foods. Lunch meats are high in sodium. Be careful...and it should be ok. You will probably be referred to a maternal/fetal specialist to watch for complications. Hope this helps some. (When your blood pressure does go up...they will probably tell you to lie on your side for a little while. If I remember right....its the left side)... Liz


lorilavon - May 24

Thanks Liz and others....so far my blood pressure has been under control but I am still scared. Preeclempsia is a scary thing. It was weird for me because I went to my appointment with my daughter and it had been slightly elevated but nothing major then they took it and said we will see you tomorrow for your c-section. I never had protein, headaches anything like that. I then went the next day for the section and my blood pressure was normal, in fact the nurse asked why I was here and I said my blood pressure was high. I know that I had a hard time after I had here in fact it was awful. I ended up in the ER the one night with high BP but daughter was sick so I was super exhausted. Liz, which medication were you on? Did it give you any side effects? Thanks for listening!



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