I Feel Awful

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Marie - September 18

OK, I am 34, 8 weeks preg with unplanned first baby, b/f of 4 years is freaking but he will get over it. I am a career girl; travel and the whole bit. When I found out I thought I could handle this. But I feel like c__p! I am totally exhausted, sick ALL THE TIME, and I can barely make it through work, let alone take care of anything else. This nausea is all day long and nothing helps but I don't throw up. I have tried Ginger Ale, eating everything in sight, not eating anything, all my favorite calming things and it won't go away. Everyone at work keeps asking what is wrong and I tell them I think I have the flu. Between the exhaustion and the queasiness, I barely make it home to just cry. Good grief, this is the worst! The sickness just takes over. Is this normal? I read some of these posts and the women are so happy and enjoying this. I am not enjoying this and is this normal or am I just being a baby? I do want to have this baby but I feel so bad abortion has crossed my mind. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Lisa*9 - September 18

Some pg women live on soda crackers during the first trimester which lasts till the end of the 12 week.


jp - September 18

Hi Marie! I feel you!!! I am not throwing up but have that nasty gag thing going on - am 14 weeks... So don't believe it when they say it goes away... This is supposed to be the greatest time in our lives - really? I feel like c___p too. I am wanting this baby and all of this is worth it in the end which is something I try to keep focused on. The end! :) Don't feel bad or guilty about stray thoughts as everyone has them. The exhaustion will go away - that I promise! In the mean time, try going to bed a little earlier if you can. As far as the nausia, if you find something, let me know! I am tired of dry heaving! At least if I threw up maybe I would feel better? I don't know - I am babbling. Have faith Marie - you are not alone!


Christine - September 18

Hi Marie, I was 35 when I got pregnant with an unplanned first baby. My boyfriend was definetely worried and scared, and so was I. I remember feeling like c___p during the first trimester. I could not imagine how life would be with a baby/child. The first 6 months after the baby was born were tough. But let me tell you: it is all soooo worth it! My son is 5 now and every day I look at him and think, he is the best thing that ever happend to me. I love him so much. I wish you all the best ;-)


petra - September 18

Marie... I felt like this too, so you are definitely not alone. I also had migraine headaches 3-4 times per week for 5 months. God only knows how I got through it but given there is very little choice you somehow get used to it! I am sure it will get better and you should probably speak to your ob-gyn or doctor who might be able to help. I also tried ginger etc etc but it didn't really help me at all. The only thing that helped was dry toast, hot oat cereal and boiled sweets. The worst thing you can do is NOT eat in my opinion although it's the last thing you want to do. I have moaned and groaned my way through this my 1st pregnancy but so what! Nobody knows what you are feeling really and everyone's circ_mstances makes them just that bit unique. So, do whatever you think might help - even if it seems odd! Good luck and the sickness really will go...promise :-)


Maidencanada - September 19

First off, ensure that you eat every 3 hours. Prior to geting out of bed (set your alarm for 20 mins earlier) eat some soda crackers and then lay back for 20 minutes. An empty stomach and low blood sugar makes morning sickness worse. Avoid spicy foods. Take your prenatal vitamims with a large meal. Those vitamins while good for baby, makes mommy sick. If yo ustill cannot stand it after doing all these things, tell your doctor as there is a medication that will help while not harming the baby. My sister took it and while it did not completely alleviate the sickness, it did help. Good luck and congrats!


Marie - September 19

Update****I went to Walgreens late last night and bought B6 and Unisom, per the advice of one of the other girls on here. AND OMG LADIES - It turned the sick switch OFF!!! I felt SOOO good and slept like a rock. I was fine all day at work. Trust me it is a miracle cure. I want to kiss the feet of the woman who posted that! Thank you SOOO much!


Charlene - September 20

My sister-in-law took ginger capsules in the morning and they seemed to help. I just suffered through it. I am now 16 weeks and feeling much better although I still do get tired sometimes. Good luck!!


LY - September 20

I’m starting 17 weeks and am still experiencing what JP described. Everyone told me to eat crackers but carbs during the first trimester didn’t settle with me. I found fruit was good, especially apples. I spread out my meals and eat a little something about every 2 hours even if I’m not that hungry which seems to help – a cheese stick or apple, etc.. If I waited until I get too hungry then I felt really sick. I ended up sharing at work my news early to take off the stress of having to hide the fact that I felt so sick. Each person is different and you may be over this soon.


Bonnie - September 21

Hi Marie, I am also 34 and now on my 23rd week. I feel for you darlin! My nausea started at 7 weeks and like you, I was sick 24 hours a day. I threw up here and there, but it was mostly extreme nausea. I tried everything from ginger to sea-sickness bands. For me, nothing worked :( I waslucky as I did not work, and if I were at the time I would have lost my job. I literally did not leave my house for 4 weeks. Hubby had to take over shopping and cooking while I slept. I had wanted a child for years and to be honest, it got to the point where I wanted to end it. .............. However! The good news is, it goes away! I swore with how sick I was, I would be one of those women suffering the whole 9 months. But between 12 and 14 weeks it totally disapeared, and it was almost overnight. Weeks 13 and 14 I was nauseated just at certain times. Also, that 12 week scan really made it all worth it as well, it is amazing how far developed they are by that time! :D.......Since then, things have been great for me. I do have times (and often) where I don't feel well. I'll get a backache, migraine, constipation, and my stuffy noses are the worst. It'll be nice to have my body back one day, hehe. But honestly, compared to the first 12 weeks, this is a breeze and totally tolerable. I'm even enjoying the attention I'm getting (I started showing very early) and loving feeling the baby kick. ........ Hang in there, I know how rough it is. Try to eat when you can (small and often meals if possible, and I gave up eating healthy and ate what baby wanted until my nausea left, now I can eat very healthy). Just try and hang in there and remember, it won't last. 4-6 weeks more and you will be feeling SOOO much better :)



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